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Wow, maybe you should get out more?

I don't get it. Then again, I have the IQ of a glass of water, wee-woo!


Wow, maybe you should get out more?


I'd still be excited to get the wine if I were them :)


Sounds embarrassing. This illustrates the futility of trying to have social graces and form relationships with your fellow lifeforms. Even with the noblest of intentions, all your efforts can (and usually do) end up for naught. Worse yet, as in your case, it completely backfires. You'd have been better off having not even tried. Such is the case with much of life. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

ydi for nt knowing

yea op..,that's bad. lolz

People who do that are mad creepy too.

WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!! ISNT IT OBVIUOS!! the neighbors are supa secret ninjas!!!

very obviuos. / I

Why won't you let me die!!!!

your social ineptitude makes me smile. (:

your cleavage makes me smile :)

I don't get it. Then again, I have the IQ of a glass of water, wee-woo!

What just happened to my comment?!?!

^ Mod WIN is what happened. Wee-woo?

I don't remember writing all that lol.

Yeah well, when you have the IQ of a glass of water, I wouldn't expect perfect recall.

mods do that?

I already said I didn't post that!!!

Of course you did, it has your name under it. [/rolleyes]

Doortje makes a compelling argument. Clearly Selena is so retarded it's illegal.

Why thanks KaySL, your argument was rather compelling too.

Clearly you guys don't understand what I said. All I posted was: "I don't get it." and then it was moderated by adding "I have an IQ of a glass of water and wee-woo." UNDERSTAND?

Nah, I don't get what you're saying. I guess I have the IQ of a Selena_is_back.

mod owned。ouch‼

Selena, read this comment before it's buried, they're all assholes. 95% of the people on this site are pure bastards, don't take it personally. I'm sorry you're being bullied so badly for this, whether whatever happened, they don't need to be such dicks.

We're all bastards. Why do you think they assigned this username to me? I don't WANT to act this way, but that's the role that was given to me, so I have to play along. Selena, you're stupid and you should give up now. See! I didn't want to say that! Honest!

Does that mean my role is to rape poor unsuspecting turtles? I don't really want to either but if it must be done, it has to be done.

What, you think FMLers pick their own usernames? Anyone who believes that needs to have his head examined. *puts on tin foil hat*

I take great pride in contributing to #30's opinion of people on this site.

Nani? Nandetowa? DocTeme!

I wonder what my name means....? hmmmm

Hahaha, this thread is hilarious. I would favourite this comment if I could.


You're beyond stupid. Try to get out more.

*note* they said two years ago it doesn't mean they were telling the truth. they just wanted to fuck with them...

ydi for being a good but unobservant neighbor haha

my neighbor went on a mission trip to the other side of the world and I didn't notice that she was gone for 8 months

something similar happened to me once!

is dat wat u really look like?

Do you really have to talk like that? It makes me want to smack a bitch.

Regardless, you extended your reach in friendship. If they were unappreciative, then that sucks. It's not your job to keep track of your neighbors.

Did you take back your wine and muffins? You've already made quite a fool of yourself, so appearing to be rude won't really do much more damage to your reputation. You might as well get drunk... and eat muffins?

you are amazing my friend (: