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Wow, maybe you should get out more?

I don't get it. Then again, I have the IQ of a glass of water, wee-woo!


woooow, shows how much you care about your neighbors! YDI.

2 years and you didn't notice them? just wow

how do you go 2 years without knowing u have new neighboiurs?! YDI for not being aware of your surroundings haha

And they were recovering alcoholics with Celiac Disease. You just can't win!

You see where being neighborly gets you? From now on, just stay shut in. The whole world will be better off. *twitch* YDI for living in a house!

Trollzy! Your exile is finally over! Nice to see you back. YDI for being an anteater.

YDI for being born out of wedlock but attending medical school anyway.

neighbor fail

you should get your eyes checked. |the kid|

What???? Don't you pay attention to who's living around you?? How could this happen? I hope your not on the neighborhood watch!!! YDI

I'll admit that I knew very little about my neighbors when I lived in a house (and I know even less about my apartment neighbors), but I can honestly say I never thought one was moving in or out when that was not the case. Why the heck did you think they just moved in?

Omg I actually lol at your comment.that was funny