We meet again

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my daughter brought her new boyfriend over for dinner. I realize now why she said we would get along great… we graduated high school together. FML
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Oh dear god.

Did he still call you "sir"?


Did he still call you "sir"?

He called him "Tim, you little nerd". Just like old times.

GovernorGeneral 8

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Only Fat Tony's son...

GovernorGeneral 8

Trueeee. Lol. Fat Tonys son ftw! xD

30- I asked it because in most cases at the "first dinner" I've heard it's a good idea to suck up to the dad if you are the dude at the girls place. More often than not, I'd assume this would lead most of these strapping usually young lads to call the father "sir". Doeses you understands??

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"Still" because SOTY is trying to say that calling the Dad "Sir" is the norm on first dates.

60- "Does" and "Did" are two very different words when used in my comment. Look again.

GovernorGeneral 8

First try to understand what i'm saying. -.-

GovernorGeneral 8

Oh sorry didnt notice :P But in this case it means the same thing.

AAAAAAH! Naaaoooooooo it doesn't. *calms down* Forget it, I'm going to bed.

Actually, GovernoGeneral, no, it really, really doesn't. 'Did he still call you 'sir'?' As in, did he call you 'sir'? As most guys call the father that when just meeting him. If it were does, it would mean something completely different. So...You kinda made yourself look like an ass on the internet, and then you really didn't help your situation by spazzing it up.

Who gives a shit, why the fuss governor

Technically, yes, they both work. It just makes far more sense to use did as it doesn't have the same reading affect as "does" does. Does might give you the idea that he called him sir waaaaay back when they graduated. Which is why this whole thing started. Did refers to simply that night. Which was the entire point of post was that it was just that first dinner.

GovernorGeneral 8

Sorry it was nearly 4am. -.-" Ill drop my point. But.................yes. Yes. Call me Governor >:D Feels good to be called governor LOL. I made a good choince on the name. Governor.G woulda been fine too...

almostalbino 10

Hm... StoryoftheYear, I saw your U.P. picture, and being a Michigander I was curious. I then proceeded to your profile. Not only did I enjoy the picture, we have the same birthday. Just thought I'd tell you that.

Michigander, lol I love when my dad uses that word. He's a pure-bred "youper". :D I'm just Minnesotan, but I'm close enough. Btw my birthday is actually the 26th, I just don't feel like changing it back. :P

GovernorGeneral 8

Dang. It hurts getting so many upside down thumbs.

Lol, Yes it does. Are you a new commenter?

TrollisMe 5

Okay I decided to creep a bit on Story, too, and hey it's nice to see an intellectual on this site! You have some pretty deep thoughts, and the way you type shows some real thought so I give you props ... good "sir"! :P

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I don't get why your getting thumb down

lolmonster34 0

#30 makes a point because the guy said (I dont remember his #) does he STILL call you sir which DOES mean he USED to call him sir and why would you call a classmate sir >.


Oh dear god.

GovernorGeneral 8

Eww. Thats disgusting ._.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Kick. His. Ass. Assuming he's not an mma fighter.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

"Age is just a number, Dad!" "Yeah? WELL, JAIL IS JUST A ROOM!" *terrible novela scenes ensue*

okiidokii_fml 6

Either her dad is really Young or her boyfriend is really old

Dear god... Dear god what?

High school reunion!! Bust out the punch, it's time to awkwardly socialize with people who never really made a difference in your life, and who you haven't seen in 20 years yay.....

deadbabies 0

You guys are overlooking the silver lining. At least OP's daughter is responsible enough to find someone who graduated high school. That's better than most these days

GoW_Chick 14

66- Yeah that is true and hopefully the daughter has already graduated high school herself

blackstar994 5

64- I spiked the punch... >.>

Yikes! That's not weird! 0_o

Oh she's a gold digger way over time.... Who digs on me!

The American reunion. OP, did you go out with his mum when you guys were in high school?

Beat the crap out of him, unless he was your bully -.-

I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke....

RedPillSucks 31

Apparently, she's a mold digger.

if age is just a number, dead is only a state

RedPillSucks 31

Is it New Jersey?

frenzied93 7

39- seriously? Even if her dad is really young, that's still one hell of a difference age-wise

Ow wow I think the only way that could get more weird is if he was a boyfriend of yours.... O wait I lied the only weirder thing than that is if he is her dad if he is her dad

tjv3 10

Oh that's just gross

No dip sherlock

Responding to #39

Yes! But it will be a very odd class reunion... "oh yeah, hes now my son-in-law"

Come on, we should be congratulating OP. It's gonna be pretty awesome having Charlie Sheen as a son in law

I just cried for you

I meant that for the OP

lyri10 0

God that must suck I would've punched him in the face and thrown him out my house!!!!

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GovernorGeneral 8

'cause it's fun. You should try it next time your daughter brings home a boyfriend your age or vise versa. -.-

xSonic 9

Agree with number 2

GoW_Chick 14

Fathers will always see any guy anywhere near their daughter a threat, it's in their DNA to protect their little girl, especially from guys they see as creepy old men.

I'd kind of toy with the situation of a guy my age going out with my daughter. I'd have the guy by the balls tighter than if I was his boss. After a while I'd break it up, unless it was true love. *awwww*

whosays1 7

I'd feel awfully uncomfortable if I was the daughter OR OP...

Why throw a single punch? Wouldnt wanna get your hand all bloody. All you need is a shotgun, a chair w/ rope, a baseball bat, and an industrial sized meat grinder... Ideas?

You would have made her desire him more.

violence is the answer 56% of the time

I read #2 in Gir's voice.

ilovemyqt 1

Ohhhh dear

GVirdi 11

I hav no punny stuff to say.... But I commented anyway :D I'm ready for the thumbs downs! And if she's under 18, either he goes to jail or he's a boy genius.... Or the daughter is 18+ ehh just thumbs down me already Hater

reallytho3 11

It took me a long ass time to get this joke

dinner just turned into a high school reunion.

TorturedXeno 27

Meeting the parents turned into a high-school reunion.

*awkwardly sips punch, while talking to unrecognizable people that are bragging about their life's accomplishments*

*boasts about his job as an astronaut/cowboy*

That should be a semicolon, not a colon. And greetings, SOTY.

diva151515 3

I was thinking the same thing

You were greeting me too? 0.o

NullPointer 20

Either is grammatically correct.

That is actually the correct use of a colon. Nice try, dickhead.

haabelein11 5

Actually it is perfectly acceptable to use a colon in the OP's case. If your gonna tell people how to use grammar, at least learn it yourself so that your comment's not completely pointless, or else make it mildly entertaining...

diva151515 3

I WAS greeting you too! ;)

bizarre_ftw 21

Make her feel awkward by reminiscing and maybe flirting with him

The op is a dude...you want her dad to flirt with her boyfriend?

Regardless of age or relationship they share, I wouldn't want my dad flirting with the guy I brought home for dinner.

bizarre_ftw 21

Why not? Bisexuals exist, we don't know so there's no guarantee the dad isn't, if nothing else it'll make things Even more awkward (then again I'm tired and didn't see the guy, I thought this was the mum)

"bisexuals exist".. you made those people sound like a rare species. And I don't think you really got my point. I didn't say anything about the fact that its two men making it awkward.. its the fact that my dad is flirting with MY date.

bizarre_ftw 21

Hey I screwed up, but in the end the turn out is still funny in my eyes

bizarre_ftw 21

And for a point that I should probably drop, you made it sound like it was impossible for a dad to flirt with another man, I was just pointing out that that was possible if the father was bisexual and that That was in fact possible as bisexuality is a legitimate sexual preference and not a unicorn

elephant in the room.. you have intensely massive cleavage, and really need to pull that shit up.

burninnapalm 5

Um... I don't get the elephant in the room thing... Care to enlighten me?

bizarre_ftw 21

..... Not the topic at hand 1, 2 there are sluttier photos on the Internet, a pic that I like that just so happens to have a low neck in it isn't really high on the list, 3 I'm a 34B, massive isn't the word I'd use Elephant in the room - the obvious thing staring at you that you aren't allowed to mention, sort of like if there were a giant pink elephant in the middle of the room that you weren't allowed to mention

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#56 - Uncalled for. If you can't keep up a discussion/argument, don't go attacking the person's looks/photo. You're an ass.

hey now! dont boost your ego too high! I said nothing about massive boobs. I just commented on the cleavage, which simply means your shirt is ridiculously low.

FruityLoooons 8

53, what the flying fuck are you even talking about? Roevera never implied that it was impossible for the dad to be bisexual; it just seems sort of random to bring up. You just suggested OP flirt with his daughter's boyfriend, and it's weird not because "omg bisexuality blah blah", but because it's---hm, oh gee---his DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND. I can't stress enough how uncool that is. If Dad wanted to get some ass, I'm sure he wouldn't be such a douche to go after his own children's partners, regardless of gender and orientation. And what the hell? A unicorn? Bitch, just take a minute. *snaps fingers*

#67, that's the wonderful thing about online, I can be the biggest ass or the damn Pope, nobody really knows me and its not like on bullying her. I didn't say she was ugly, or was fat, or anything, I just said she has a shit ton of cleavage in that photo. That has nothing to do with her as a person.

I find the best way to win an argument is to beat a dead horse with a stick on the other persons obviously stupid point if it means you can avoid insulting than their actual mentality and/or appearance. You come out of the fray smelling like roses. Be the better man.

Ozone1232 5

So much fucking drama.

Welcome to FML all!

GoW_Chick 14

Hey now girls you're both pretty and if the girl wants to show her cleavage all over the Internet let her they're her tatas

63- After reading all of these comments, I decided to take a look at your profile. At first I laughed, but then I became very annoyed. Possibly the most annoyed I have been. Then, I went to a new FML thread, and sure enough I see your damn face. And of course there are more idiotic comments written by you. I really don't like you.

blackstar994 5

63 needs to just shut up... She's putting words in people's mouths. She should just quit since she's already behind and has everyone on fml against her.

....Pimple tits... I mean, show em if they're NICE! Just sayin.

LunaDragon 10

Bizarre Vs Roe, wrestling in kiddie pool of pudding (pudding probably that came from the chucky Op's house ha). To end it once for all. I got 10 on Bizarre. Any takers?

I'd rather bang the one with cleavage, then the one who looks like jiminy cricket.

Rovera - you DID say massive, so you are wrong. Cleavage girl - you really should put it away

LOL1204 3

I see nothing wrong with what rovera did. She didn't say that "cleavage girl" was fat or ugly. She simply said she needed to pull her shirt up. Chances are a lot of us were thinking it too. It doesn't make her an ass in any way. And I must admit I looked at cleavage girls profile and to be honest she's the one that annoys me. After reading her profile and seeing all the inconsiderate and rude comments she makes I have decided that I don't care for her too much. And I just want to add that cleavage has nothing to do with boob size. Someone with an a cup can have just as much cleavage as someone with a d cup

ppeanutbutter 1

OPs a dude.

Just to make a point, 130 she said massive cleavage not massive tits. There is a difference. You're wrong.

Booooooo urns!

LaColombianita 26

Um ew.

bizarre_ftw 21

Very eloquent -claps- now, what does a duck say?

LaColombianita 26

It says shut the hell up bitch.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Cat fight? :3

bizarre_ftw 21

Not tonight, I'm screwing up enough (everyone has their off days, right?)

blackstar994 5

Bizarre, go die in a hole. I'm sure n one wants you on fml anymore.

Bizarre, you are a massive douche! I just want to cry whenever I see your name!

Damn how old are you and your daughter!?

bizarre_ftw 21

Lol XD this^ just made the possible situation of the daughter never knowing who the father was as the mother got pregnant in high school and either didn't know or didn't say and the awkward conversation where the daughter learns her new bf is/might be her father. Can anyone say "Jerry" "Freud" or "when's the evil twin coming in?"? ^_^

bizarre_ftw 21

Never mind, op's a guy, but this would've been funny if there was only one dick involved

There was seriously no point in typing all that. Wtf?

blackstar994 5

24 just die in a hole. Please just make this entire world a better place. And. DIE.