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Today, while out shopping with friends, I was apphrehended by two bounty hunters because they recognized my purple-dyed hair. Too bad my name isn't Natalie, who apparently shares the same hair color. They didn't believe me, even after I showed my ID. FML
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Hey,ya'll! OP here! Of course I forgot to actually log in before I posted this, and THEN it gets published! But please believe me :) So follow up, these bounty hunters did end up leaving me alone without actually bringing me anywhere (trust me, they would have had some claw marks if they had!) They DID pull out handcuffs, which was pretty scary, seeing as I've never even had so much as a speeding ticket on my record. T_T They asked me multiple times if I was Natalie, and if "I was sure I wasn't" after I showed them the ID that clearly says Mackenzie...I'm pretty sure, guy? Other than the purple hair, they didn't even know what the girl looked like. The only other thing they went off was that she was with a guy wearing a black hat (Thanks, Kyle!) But, at the end of this conversation, they ended up backing away with their hands up after my best friend so eloquently stated she wasn't "afraid to cut a bitch." Their only reply was "I believe you..." I did end up calling the cops to make sure they weren't absolutely full of it. The police planned on making a patrol to the grocery store across town they mentioned their next lead was. And my friends who were working at the time weren't too happy about me getting harassed either! I found out after I posted to Facebook that one of the guys used to work for a friend and that he has gotten in trouble for pulling idiotic stunts before! Guess he shouldn't quit his day job! You guys are all hilarious, btw!! These comments are really making me laugh. My friends say I should go as myself for Halloween next year and when people ask who I am, I'll just say "Shhh, I'm Natalie..." I really was pretty shaken up at the time, but IS a hilarious story in hindsight. Thanks for reading! :)

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I wonder what they do when their target has black hair

Steffi3 40

Since obviously everone with purple hair is the same person. I'm sorry OP, I hope they let you go without too much trouble


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Poor you, op. These bounty hunters should know better.

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After showing ID, she should be able to sue or something. False imprisonment, kidnapping, etc.

As soon as she gets a lawyer she will have a field day in the inevitable civil court settlement, it will likely not make it to criminal court unless she really wants to press charges in criminal court.

Steffi3 40

Since obviously everone with purple hair is the same person. I'm sorry OP, I hope they let you go without too much trouble

Thats what she wants you to think, I know its you natalie

Oh dear. *grabs popcorn and waits for epic showdown*

Bounty hunters? Wow just like in the movies. So what haporned

Pretty sure we need to use the word "haporned" a lot more in our daily vocabulary.

Harpooned. Natalie is actually a whale wearing a purple wig.

They need to go home and rethink their lives.

I don't think bounty hunters can actually apprehend you if you don't match the warrant.

Bounty hunters have a distinct habit of ignoring the rules when it fits them. There is a reason most bounty hunters are ex-con's.

My guess is when you get bail you sign an agreement that the bondsman can have you brought back. But since you don't have any agreement with them, you own them.

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We honestly still have bounty hunters? Maybe if you hid your lightsaber they wouldn't have noticed you either.

Have you never heard of Dog the Bounty Hunter? His show was only been off the air for a few years.

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of course we still have bounty hunters! people jump bail all the time & that's what bounty hunters are for.

Quick! Run away while you still can! Or just... Change your hair color :P

Funny thing is, my best friend that was with me has purple hair too. O_o She just has a LOT of visible tattoos to separate her from all the other Natalie's. XD

Oh wow Haha I don't have a bunch of tattoos but I have piercings So maybe that'd be fine?

I wish I could start a BFF group with all the purps in this thread. I've attracted loads of them so far :D