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Today, while on a road trip through Australia with my dad, we were both complaining that we had yet to see any kangaroos. Suddenly, we saw one up real close. The rental car saw it even closer. FML
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Volcan_fml 22

Perhaps you should check your eyesight. Apparently you didn't see where you were driving either.


Perhaps you should check your eyesight. Apparently you didn't see where you were driving either.

Animals come out of nowhere sometimes. Where I'm from it's pretty common for someone to hit a deer. Doesn't say anything about the fact if they were paying attention to the road or not.

kangaroos can be pretty quick. and can come out of nowhere depending on where you are because of trees/bushes. most warning people get is a sign with a picture of a kangaroo on them. its nothing to do with eyesight or paying attention to the road. and it doesnt say who was driving.

Just take the joke as it is for ****'s sake

Bit hard when you're driving 110km p/h on the fwy and a kangaroo jumps out in front of your car... It happens quite regularly here.. Driving along a certain fwy once I counted 8 dead kangaroos on the side of the road. It's awful.

8, I've hit more than that on the highway in one night.

I know it's no kangaroo, but I've had deer jump out right in front of me in the middle of a town. You can't always predict where animals are going to be.

Stop driving at high speeds in animal prone areas .. save wildlife

In Thailand there are warning signs of wild elephants crossing the road . Even though they're slow , there are absolutely no road rules in Thailand so people drive like ******* lunatic maniacs and they still wouldn't be able to stop in time before they hit the poor things .

Only thing you might hit in my neck of the woods is an alligator. You don't want to hit a gator.

1, these bratty and ignorant remarks in the comments are getting annoying...

Dude you better mount that ******, then you can see it every day! Jk and fyl

Am I the only one jealous that all I see is deer?! You're all commenting on seeing kangaroos, elephants and alligators on the side of the road and I'm here like damn, I hit another chicken...

#10 Wait... Are you that Australia isn't just one big desert?

#132 - pretty sure im aware, because last time i checked, i actually live in australia. nothing i said even remotely suggested it was one big desert.

Lasagnaa 24

I don't even get to see deer. I live in California and all I see is raccoons, skunks, possums or pigeons.

Chelsea_bella 20

@140: Oh really. I live in a desert in Nevada. Saw a rabbit once. Turns out it was the neighbors pet.

#132 Australia is like just under half desert. The coastal areas are pretty populated in some places, I love in Australia and the hottest I've experienced is around 40 degrees (Celsius). I've seen a few kangaroos while camping and all were either in a zoo or in the bush

Volcan_fml 22

Kangaroos are pests in Australia . So many of them .

yeah they are 83 you need a permit to cull them too. Although alot of farmers do so without one...

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

That's so sad ;-; Poor kangaroo

When they're in area's that damage fences and interfere with cattle and sheep food supply they need to be controlled the most effective way to do so is with a rifle.

Complaining did some good. It also did some bad but oh well.

Now they can make it their meal . (Australians eat kangaroos in case you didn't got the joke) ^^

colton_colton 49

I'm Australian and have not once eaten kangaroo..

Same here but it's still out with all the meat in the grocery stores . A number of people eat it mate .

Did you call her mate just cause she's Australian?!

I've had kangaroo meat before, it's not that bad. It's tastes a little like steak

Maybe you/he should pay more attention to the road and crossing animals instead of complaining...

You evidently don't live in Australia. Kangaroos quite literally jump out of nowhere because they flock towards car lights. It can completely demolish your car or the driver may swerve to avoid impact and consequently lose control of the car. Either way, it ain't pretty

Just a few weeks ago, I watched my aunt in the car in front of mine hit a kangaroo, he literally came out of nowhere. You can be the best driver in Australia but if a roo jumps in front of your car, you'll probably hit it. P.s. The kangaroo was okay though, he hopped away back into the bush.

True, I don't drive and I live in the Netherlands, so we don't really have big animals coming out of nowhere.. But at least I've learned something! Thanks for the explanation :)

92- you're lucky for that! (the animals I mean)

Deer do the same thing.On my vacation I always go through a mountain and we have to go incredibly low because we almost them even at that speed.Pretty much any animal will just commit suicide if it sees a car.

Don't complain about not seeing any drop-bears then!

Their claws and teeth are only the more to love you with. The drop bears only want friends to hug.

Agree with #7, those are some nasty *******!

lunaluver666 7

#156 Like an angry Koala that drops out of tree's and attacks you. As citizens we eat tons of Vegemite daily so it acts as a kind of pheromone replant in our sweat. It builds up in your system over time, so it doesn't work for tourists. Vegemite smeared behind the ears works best for tourists.

well that's what you get for complaining, at least you got to see one. did you eat it?

I just have to ask, is kangaroo meat any good?

Never had it but a lot of body builders here eat it, not much fat and good source of protein.

never tried it honestly, but you killed it so might as well put it to good use. people tell me it's lean though so probably not terrible for your health if you know how to properly cook game.

Roo meat isn't that bad it's really tender and has a heap of flavour

It's actually doesn't taste too bad, if it's cooked right that is. Though i still can't get over the fact that I'm eating a kangaroo, so i try not eating it.

It's pretty good. Marinating it and banging it on the barbie is my favourite way of cooking it. Although you have to be careful with wild roos, some of them can be wormy depending on where they live

banging it? not familiar with the term. please tell me it's a slang I'm not familiar with instead of having sex with a dead animal.

Chucking it? Or throwing it? Putting it on to the barbeque in essence, my slang gets a bit carried away sometimes I guess :P

I don't know about banging dead animals but Kangaroo meat is delicious. It's like a food ******.

Its slang mate calm down haha banging it on the Barbie means chucking it on the BBQ and cooking it

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

Kangaroo meats not bad, if you get a good quality cut AND you cook the ****** just right. Roo meat is quite tough, so if you over cook it, then prepare to che through thick cardboard. But if its done right its great, and its very lean meat, lots of protein, great fot bulking up. Cut it into chunks and put it on skewers with red onion and capsicum then fry it up and you're good to go.

that explanation will do just fine. wasn't trying to make a joke or be insulting, banging just doesn't mean placing something where I live lol

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@35 Lol no, what sparkyrell said is an Aussie enthusiastic way of saying to put something on the barbeque, basically just replaced 'put' with 'bang'. Notice the alliteration with 'bang' and 'barbie'.

it's there any other meat it's comparable to?

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@52 Think of rump, but thicker, darker, and tougher.

well it sounds like something I would eat, the real question is does it make awesome jerky?

This is the first I've heard of eating kangaroos. Sounded nasty at first actually, but might be something to add to the old bucket list.

it's delicious, but only one type of roo, red, I think, the other is horrible, but you get rancid gas afterwards, you've been warned

#16. It's gamey. Really nice in a soup or cooked with BBQ sauce, provided you don't get a roo with worms. High in protein. #67 Yes, makes good jerky.

This happens way too often. Usually the car ends up a lot worse then the kangaroo :(

ZY1431 24

well now you have something else to complain about