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I'm sorry to hear that. Please be patient with her, hopefully she'll come around soon!

I'm sure she's just nervous and clearly has very little idea about sex... sounds like her parents told her it was a scary bad thing and left it at that.


first! What a bitch!

how would lesbian sex hurt...unless u had like 20 dildos strapped to u and she got scarred when she saw them...

Lesbian sex does hurt the first time, as the hymen still breaks. Also, fingering is used a lot, and if your partner had long fingernails, it hurts like hell. (I know all of this from experience.)

OMG! that sucks ass!

Wow that is a horrible honeymoon, fyl for sure. Try to talk this out with your new wife

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468 obviously she didn't suck anyones ass

#451 A. Hymens are 99/100 times never intact from birth. B. Your profile is a boy, so what experience of being fingered do you have, or do you mean your girlfriend?

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*her OPs a girl.. so lesbos?

Guess shoes not getting any... ^^^ that guy ;)

That's America for you sex hating wierdos

Nature revolves around sex, life literally revolves around sex... Although it's not the only important aspect it is still important enough to to be taken fairly serious if sex is bad in a relationship, let alone a marriage. #509

It's not waiting until marriage that's the problem, it's just the girl. She obviously has issue with sex that she needs to work out.

I'm sorry to hear that. Please be patient with her, hopefully she'll come around soon!

puns are not present.

Shes only in it for the money..... Hope there's a prenuptial agreement

Yes. Yes they are.

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sex=/=love You can love someone with all your heart, and sex could never get involved. OP- I'm sorry you have the problem. I hope it works out.

just because they didn't have sex that one night doesn't mean is love less. duhh

I think you guys need to talk, because I don't think she's been completely honest with you. Hope you get things sorted out though.

I agree with #3.


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uhm incase you didn't realise, OP is female...

uhmmm in case you didn't notice, OP is female. I kinda doubt the wife is into kinky right now

haha cold pun intended

8: So you advocate rape? Well, maybe one day when you're in prison for it, you'll be on the receiving end. :)

that's called rape wether ur married or not and I hope thats not how u handle women

Yeah, but she's obviously a gold digger. She wanted to marry you just so she could take advantage of your financial status and the tax benefits that come with being married. I pray for your sake that you made her sign a pre-nup.

or the op could of not changed the gender to he* most of the information of people is false here

Hey, at least she didn't faint

But...wouldn't that have been a solution? :O

win ^

if he's a terrible person it's a solution.

That's so unbelievable, I mean this is a perfect example, why people should have sex before getting into a commitment like that. My woman drives like cars and you gotta test it first lol.

Hell yeaa buddy (:


Cars??? Seriously? Why would you need to 'test' if you aren't happy with your wife/gf's performance then you should use words. We are psychic, not to mention you're just a prick- so up shouldn't get any anyway.

Funny, you make this comment sound like you have experience in the "sex" area. Had us all fooled.