By Meganbear - Canada - Toronto
Today, I brought my car into the shop because it kept picking up speed on its own and I was panicking. A mere $200 later, it turns out I didn’t put my car mat in right and it was sitting on my gas pedal. FML
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By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

Why would it cost you so much? The first few things a mechanic would check is the gas pedal and the throttle body. He would of spot the problem within minutes and if he charges you 200 bucks for that, you need a new shop.

By  TCRII  |  29

I used to be a car dealer and 99.99% of all unintended acceleration incidents are caused by this or misapplication of pedals (stepping on gas when you meant to step on the brake).

By  withered  |  30

I can't even imagine a scenario where this would happen. You didn't notice the mat when you put it in, when you got in/out of the car and didn't notice anything when you put your leg on pedal? You didn't even stop and glance at the pedals when they "weren't working properly"? Or was the mat twisted a bit and that part pushed pedal down and it was harder to notice?