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Today, my son’s kindergarten teacher asked her students to describe their dad with a word or an expression. In the midst of “kind” dads, “hug” dads and “kiss” dads, I'm the “whisky dad”. FML
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Your child obviously has that impression of you. YDI.

If that's the first phrase your child thinks of to describe you then that's probably on you.

Rather than just saying "FML" about it, maybe take a look at yourself in the mirror and try to fix it. If you don't drink much then try to spend more (sober) time with your child. If you do drink a lot then, well, don't do that. Though I now realize this is a world FML and is actually from 2012 meaning any advice is pointless. Shame.

"Female dad" would also have been an acceptable answer, apparently.

Kids notice a lot more then you think and they're not idiots. If you're drinking so much that he uses a specific alcohol as an actual description for you, it's probably a pretty defining piece of your life and his. Your embarrassment is your own fault, for your son's sake, either stop completely, or cut back.

You all know that this doesn't mean that he is drinking all the time, right? If you are interested in whiskys you buy more expensive ones, talk about how smoky or peaty they are and if you taste a hint of orange in it. You won't drink a whole bottle whisky+coke every weekend but your kid will still notice your interest.

Then it's possibly even worse, since it means he spends so little time with his kid that the first thing the kid has to describe him is something he doesn't do often.

Since when does having a hobby or an interest mean that you automatically don't spend much time with your kids? He has a prominent interest and that's what popped into the kids mind. Unfortunate or funny, but no big deal.

9, when I was little, my dad once came home with a bag of oranges a client had given him. I then spent the next several months describing my dad as an orange farmer. I even drew several pictures of him at work on his orange farm. Little kids often have one-track minds and they get stuck on small details. Doesn't mean OP is an alcoholic or doesn't spend enough time with the kid.

Kids like to overexaggerate and focus on small things. That might just be a small thing that his child noticed. Children do not have the best judgement

I'll take "Signs That I have a Drinking Problem" for 200, Alex.

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Maybe that's enough to encourage you to see where you're failing, admit there's an issue, seek help, and fix your child's view of you before it's way too late.