By anonymous - 27/10/2009 13:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of five years gave me the silent treatment, refusing to talk to me or do anything more than glare at me during the entire three hour drive we took this morning. Why? Because I slept with his best friend. In his dream last night. FML
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Okie7123 0

Your boyfriend threw logic out the window. What a douche

That's a little immature on his part, but whatever makes him feel better about himself. He'll get past it.


Okie7123 0

Your boyfriend threw logic out the window. What a douche

irishdancer 0

Or is she a dream slut thing?!?!

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Manny_B92 0

Well maybe it wasn't that he threw logic out, but maybe he had a dream about it because he's insecure about it. I mean don't get me wrong it's pretty lame and it's pretty surprising that that's the first time he had a dream like that in your 5 years of dating, but whatever floats his boat I guess.

Reyo 2

Give it a week brah. While it was only a dream, he still "experienced" it and had to go through the drama, which puts someone through emotional strain. While it's true that he's acting like a 5 year old reacting to a nightmare, he'll be fine in a week when the effect wears off. He knows it was only a dream, but it'll take a while for it to clear from his subconcious (sp?). It's like saying "I'm not gonna think about him, I'm not gonna think about him, I'm not gonna think about him" while you're thinking about him. Be patient.

Make the guy a sandwich girl

Veritas143 0

When I first read it I thought it was her dream and I understood why he was mad.. But I reread it after I read a few comments.. He shouldn't have gotten mad at you, but he is insecure about you and his best friend so just try to make him feel more secure about it thats all.

it could have been deja vu u know HAHA

At #69- No no no, you got it all wrong. Tell her to make him a sandwich in his next dream.

this is kind of a repost

jrs0118 0

Honestly, i can see how this is true.. i've had dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me and when I woke up I didn't wanna talk to him and felt mad because it felt sooo real. And, the same thing has happened to him when he woke up and he said "i had a dream that you cheated on me, and i feel like i should be mad at you for it" LOL

pongmaster 0

I agree. People who find logic in their perverted dreams shouldn't even have girlfriends..

UziTopete 0

he's got trust issues

that's what you get you imaginary slut!

BoyFromTheFuture 0

^^^ funny

That's a little immature on his part, but whatever makes him feel better about himself. He'll get past it.

My girlfriend frequently has similar dreams. She never takes it that badly though.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

my wife does too but she takes things farther. I've been hit in my sleep for something that happened in dreamland. FML.

ellybelly_502 4

I have had bad dreams like that before about my husband, and it definitely makes me wake up sad, but thats only when I'm barely awake. Once I'm fully awake I'm more thankful it was a dream than mad that it upset me :)

Wow.. that sucks. Though, I did the same thing to my boyfriend. For about 5 minutes. As a joke. I feel for you.

thats er... mature

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yeah that guy is crazy. You might want to GET OUT NOW!

Veritas143 0

OH MY GOD HES GOING TO BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE WITH YOU'RE IN IT AND KILL YOUR FAMILY AND THEN HIMSELF!!! Seriously? Come on people he's insecure about her and his best friend.. lets not get out the lynchin' rope just yet

It may just be the fact that there's a similar FML where the girlfriend has the dream and breaks up with the guy, but this seems a bit tame. He'll sort it out soon least he didn't break up with you for it! :P



charmanderCHAR 5

Don't play Devil's Advocate, Veritas.

americayay 0

I doubt this is the first insanely childish thing he's done, so you probably deserve it for continuing to date him. Giving the benefit of the doubt however, and saying this IS the first, dump him. He's a child.

perdix 29

Now that you've done the time, you need to do the crime. For your sake, I hope the best friend is hot.

Agreed, you dirty little slut.

doritoninja 4

fuck you guys, a dream is an infinite possibility created by the subconscious psyche. there's no way in he'll this girl had any way of controlling his dream. this isn't inception, people

Damn. The dream-you is such a whore.