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By "UDIRTYMUFFINS" - 09/09/2017 07:36 - United States - Bronx

Today my boyfriend and I left our dog in the house because she just recently had puppies and she can't leave them for long. He tells her specifically not to piss on the floor. So she jumps up on the bed and pisses. FML
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One very smart dog, one very dumb bf....


She's a dog, and from the sounds of it, you two not only didn't take her outside for potty breaks, but didn't provide her with a place to go. What did you expect?? Unless she was already pregnant when you got her, there isn't really much of an excuse for not getting her fixed. The longer she has her uterus, the more likely she is to develop cancer or get an infected uterus, both of which are very deadly. I hope you plan on getting her AND the puppies fixed before you place them with people that will be good, responsible, and trustworthy pet parents. Also, if there are two most likely reasons she peed on the bed. One, it's likely that either it already had urine from somewhere on it and she was remarking it with her scent. Or two, she has a bladder infection and needs to be taken to the vet ASAP, especially if she if still nursing her pups.

One very smart dog, one very dumb bf....