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Today, I took the kids I'm babysitting to the farm to feed the animals. They were a little scared of the llama, so I showed them how nice it was by feeding it a lot of bread. Then, as I was telling the farmer how I loved the llama and wanted to take it home, it spit grass and bread all over my face. FML
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lol. you gotta watch out for llama's, they'll spit at anything.

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she was lucky i have been spat of by a llama, i didn't get food spat on me, it was a big warm loogie in my hair, actually it cold have been an alpaca that did this.

my friend owns 30 alpacas and 10 Llamas They do not genrally spit at humans. The only time humans get spit on is if you get caught in the cross fire of a fight or your trying to jab it with a needle or cram it into very small spaces with other lamas! Something probably scared it and you were just unlucky enough to be stood there!

Uh no. Not YDI at all 49 is right. OP was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yeah, i've never seen an animal throw up because they ate too much. I know it would happen if they did, I just don't think animals tend to eat until they're sick. I've tried to feed animals before at the petting zoo's and they just didn't eat it because they weren't hungry. I'm sure it didn't spit because of the bread...but the kid does have the right idea it seems lol

#68 my dog is dumb enough to eat to the point of making herself sick.

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If you know them why are you asking them there name

17's got it wrong and right. The informal "tu" ("you") is, usually used with someone you know, but yes, if you already know them you won't ask their name. HOWEVER... it is also used with people younger than you, usually if they are related to you (you've just met them), especially if they are underaged. Like I said, informal. "se llama" is formal, and is usually most correct since when you first meet someone, you're usually going to be formal (as it's polite, obviously). For example, if meeting a younger business partner. Usually, you would use "se llama" instead of "te llamas." If they were an intern, you might use "te llamas" instead. Blahblahblah... It's too bad 2 did it wrong. I usually find it amusing, but they did it wrong, so now it is not.

@40: "The informal "tu" ("you") is, usually used with someone you know, but yes, if you already know them you won't ask their name." That's not necessarily true. You can know someone, as in (for example) you can go to school, have someone be in your class every day, know them pretty well in terms of personality, but have never found out their name or, in my case, be great with recognizing faces but horrible with remembering names. One of my dad's bridge buddies used to come to our house at least once a week and it took me two months to finally remember his name for good. So, yeah, it's possible to know someone but need to ask his/her name.

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ahhh I have a pet llama named Kevin:) he's sooo cute!!

ew haha gotta love llamas but FYL #2 thats clever

here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama, llama, duck!

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haha, i used to know that song word for word

okay, really..i own several llamas. they do NOT spit at everything and i can guarantee you the only reason he spit at you was because you all of a sudden took the attention from him and gave it to the farmer. YDI for not moving further away (especially since most animals will BITE if you stop feeding them). llamas are loving creatures, don't give them a worse name than they already have. sorry you got spit at but i've never been spit at once and we've had them for about five years.

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#7 is an idiot for getting so worked up about llamas! Op, that sucks, you did nothing wrong, llamas suck! (singing) "I'm gonna get me a shotgun and kill every llama I see!"

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they only spit when there agrivated. and they usually spit in the air. or at another llama. unless u do something to upset the llama thts probably y the llama spit at u

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hahahah well what would you do with a llama if you had one?? thats silly :D

How could you even lie that llamas are great? They're evil animals...

umm no there not! you should meet felix! he's my friends lama! he'll come right up to you if you stand still and he'll sniff you all over and he'll let you stroke him! he's lovely. also the other 9 lamas and 30 alpacas she have, have never spat at me and i've know my friend for years! even helped catch escapey ones!

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llamas are kind of known for their spitting, but it sounds like you had some janked up bread