By OhWhoCares - 17/08/2015 21:34 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was walking to my car with 600 dollars worth of books because I start college next week, when I was robbed by some guy that sounded like Cartman. He punched me because I could not stop laughing whenever he would try to threaten me. FML
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I got an FML published!!! Lol wow and I submitted it when I was still pretty upset I didn't think it'd get published :P Okay anyway I ended up calling the police and they were able to find him, along with my books and apparently a ton of other stuff since he'd been robbing people all day and drugs. Hopefully this isn't an omen or anything about my upcoming semester...

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Who on earth wants to steal college books? :P

I don't know how it works where you live, but in the U.S. colleges when you resell books you're lucky if you get a third of what you paid.

Not if you sell them online in good condition.

People starting college, their expensive as

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#6, The problem with reselling college books is they're outdated the next ******* year

Not true, if you return them before two weeks you get a FULL refund..

Pretty sure $600 is only good for a month of rent, also, unless you live in the cheapest, most run down building ever

Books are so valuable it's not even funny

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True, but they're still expensive new or used. I sold several of my used books for over $100 each. & I bought them used myself...

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Even if you return the textbooks to the bookstore within two weeks, you won't get a refund without the original receipt. Hopefully the robber was smart enough to steal that, too. Next problem would be getting the money back on the original method of payment. Because most college students don't have 600$ cash laying around for textbooks, odds that OP paid in cash are slim to none. This guy can make money either way with these books, but probably not at the original bookstore.

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Well, cartman DOES hit people who don't take him seriouslah.

Hey op, I have to know if he ever said, "respect my authoritah!"

It should be pretty easy to catch someone selling or selling back those particular books, at the beginning of a new semester. Good luck OP

lol don't buy textbooks in college. beginner mistake

I took a couple of classes that must be classes no one takes, because I couldn't find these books anywhere. I had no choice but to buy - apparently the book I needed for my math class was an older edition which is no longer offered to rent, I even checked book stores on other campuses. I hate spending such a crazy amount of money on books too

#29 you haven't seen a flying unidick before?

Then he waddled away. Waddle waddle. Till the very next day Oh wait that one was the annoying duck.