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Today, upon my arrival at work, I was greeted by 2 police officers, 2 managers, my coworker, and a meth-head in my office. They quickly told me that the meth-head was wearing stolen merchandise under her clothes, then left me alone with her, saying I had to watch her undress. FML
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Hey, original poster here, I would like to add a few more details since I couldn't in the original post. First off, you should know that I work as a loss prevention investigator at a large retail store. I was excited when I arrived at work since I saw the two police cars outside; that meant my coworker caught a shoplifter. So I clocked in, grabbed my keys and entered my office to find everyone in there. All of the police officers, my managers, and coworker were males and so I was the only female. They must have been waiting for me to come in because they told me that and left me alone with her almost immediately; I still wasn't entirely sure what was going on. I did not want to watch the meth-head change; it was not a pretty sight and I don't get paid enough for such things. I also had the added bonus of having my office smell like drugs after she left. What a great welcoming to work...

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If she is the only female, then she would have to be the one to do it.

This should be a wake up call to them that they need to hire more female workers.


Wow, that must've sucked. But did you get a good show?

I guess not, seeing how this is an FML.

Why couldn't the police officers watch her undress.... Unless that's your department but i doubt that since it's an FML.

Because presuming they were all male except OP, having a male officer watch a female criminal undress would be a lawsuit. They could have just called a female officer to come but maybe they were all busy?

No i knew it was a female cause before i read an FML i look at the gender in the top left corner

#29, #18 is saying that it could be that OP was the only other female aside from the thief, and that if the officers were male it might have been a potential lawsuit if they watched the woman undress.

If she is the only female, then she would have to be the one to do it.

Even if she was the only female it's still not her job. The police should have brought in a female officer for it.

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Um no,the polic should do it.

To #20, the police don't do the undressing of a shoplifter in our large store. They arrest the shoplifter after everything has been stripped off of them. If someone is caught shoplifting, the asset protection are the ones who remove the items. If the shoplifter is female, and the asset protection are all male on that shift, they do pull a female coworker into the office to prevent a lawsuit. Same with the shoplifter being male and all the asset protection being female, then a male coworker is brought in the office. They're also responsible to compile a list and cost of the shoplifted items, and present them in the case. The police are only there to arrest the shoplifter and take them into custody.

Sucky that they couldn't get a female officer there to do that job... For some reason.

I think people don't get that you are a female and the only female to watch the thief take off the stolen merchandise, because if a male was in the room the thief would have a law suit. FYI :( ♡

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It's a crime regardless of op's gender a female cop should have done it.NO EXCUSES.

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Oh I get it, but the police don't just have those fancy walkie talkies for decorative purposes. If there's no female officer at the scene, they need to call one in and supervise the suspect in the mean time. A random employee is NOT responsible for being the only one to watch a potentially dangerous drug addict who is also accused of committing a crime.

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There is always that possibility that the OP is a store security guard.

very true on the security guard comment

Doesn't matter if you are a female and so was she, I'm pretty sure it's against the law for someone not in law enforcement to be forced to watch another person undress (for the instance of the crime). They should have called in a female officer to do the job, or told her to remove all stolen clothing in a single locked room. I feel sorry for you, FYL.

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not necessarily. I've worked asset protection, and as a female I was often asked/voluntold I was doing this. It's a part of being in that type of job field.

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Your company foced you to watch strangers undress? They need to be shut down.

It was heavily assumed that the OP was just an employee, and she didn't mention she was loss prevention until yesterday afternoon. Even still, there were police that showed up, and I'm sure information was relayed to the police that it was a female perpetrator. I believe she would legally have the right to a female officer-if she was in her right mind and not on drugs.

"Any Writs" - though that takes a court order.

Don't even know what to write on this fml.

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