Today, I was pulled over for speeding. The cop was hot so I flirted with him as much as I could. But when he came back to the car he still gave me a ticket. Feeling desperate I said, "I thought you didn't give tickets to pretty girls." His response: "We don't." FML
By Anonymous / Friday 31 July 2009 13:51 / United States
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  kosscom  |  0

You deserve it for not showing him your pussy. He puts his life on the line for you EVERY day! The least he deserves is a pussy shot! Maybe a lick or two!

  Person_Man  |  0

MercyFML said: "Tell me again how her behavior changes me somehow?"
Well, you seem to be wasting your ever so precious time by making these posts and arguments. That's one obvious example...But then again, I'm sure even that is too complex for your pretty little head to process. Have a nice day :)

  GDinNJ  |  0

Leave MercyFML alone, obviously she's going to be offended if you're implying that SHE should be compared to the woman in this FML posting, I mean, come on. Who wouldn't be?

And win, ohnoyoudint, haha. Not only amusing, but a very valid point. But then again, who doesn't want to find a way out of a ticket, right? xD