By rainbowlack - Canada - Calgary
Today, I was in the city newspaper for something I worked my ass off on. There was a picture of me working on my creation in the article with a caption, something like, "Chloe B, part of the robotics team." My name isn't Chloe, and I talked to the article writers. I haven't heard back at all. FML
rainbowlack tells us more :
OP here - still haven't heard back. I don't want to be a programmer; I want to be an author. But being featured in the paper was a start for me.
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  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

The writer/reporter doesn't write the captions or headlines. you need to call Editorial and give their sub-editor shit. They will be stubborn but you hold your ground, you have right to restitution.

By  S_Gnu  |  17

That sucks...though having worked as a reporter, the people writing the photo captions are usually the copy editors and not the reporters (I had a few situations where an editor mis-captioned something related to my story and it always annoyed me.) I'd suggest contacting the paper's copy editor or editor for the section where your article appeared.

By  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

You've got to call editorial! The reporters don't write the captions or the headlines, that's the sub-editor. Call them up a few times and complain. They will hold their ground but you have a right to restitution. Go into their office if you want to really take this up with them. Just remember it's not the writer's fault.