By VHBJ - 14/09/2015 17:54 - United States - Charlotte

Today, I was convinced to face my fears of rollercoasters by a friend. I'm writing this at the highest point of the ride after being stuck over thirty minutes. FML
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Hi OP Here For those wondering, it was the Fury at Carowinds. I've heard rumors of it stopping a lot, but is been really hoping to beat my fear. My state of mind was millions do this, just think to yourself you know it will end so enjoy the ride. Imagine my surprise when the ride stops. No more coasters any time soon. Thanks for the supportive comments.

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That really sucks but at least you get a good view

Well, you're braver than I am. Cudos on trying.


That really sucks but at least you get a good view

That's the spirit! Look on the bright side it may suck now but it'll be a funny story later on.

8- the bright side is that Op didn't get stuck on the part where you're upside down.

It's not possible to be stuck upside down as you'd roll down. It's not mechanical at that point

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Nope, last according to Ricky bobby, if you ain't first you're last. As for op, don't think of the movie final destination 3. xD good luck!

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take a selfie! it'll be a funny story to tell, at least ? I hope you got down safely

The worst part is right at the top too. Hopefully you made it through without having a panic attack. I probably would have needed to close my eyes until they could get me down haha

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It's bait. Almost every coaster restricts you from being able to reach your pockets. And even then. It's not a good idea to bring your phone on a rollercoaster.

I got stuck on the superman, which locks everything in then tilts you like you're flying. for 90 minutes. I had about 6 panic attacks and only passed out about 5 times. being stuck in a roller coaster and being claustrophobic isn't a good mix. lol

Well, you're braver than I am. Cudos on trying.

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At least you didn't lose your phone

Maybe now you'll see that even when something goes wrong, you'll be okay? FYL, OP. That really is just bad luck.

That's never guaranteed. It could always get worse.

You're right, it got worse the moment you decided to comment.

It can get worse but it's very unlikely - Google "The Smiler" to read about one of the recent technical problems that resulted in severe injuries.

35 - That sounds like it'd be a creepypasta. Specifically one of the ones with the creepy pictures.

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Just don't think of the movie final destination 3 while you're up there! Yikes!

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if not before then they defintely might now

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That sucks OP. Hopefully you won't be put on any more rides. >.

Just reading this FML gives me anxiety. FYL.