By girlthatstoofat - 29/10/2009 17:28 - United States

Today, I recieved a message on MySpace from a cute guy I've been talking to for a while. It read, "I saw a girl in Old Navy at the mall last night that looked a lot like you, but she was much fatter." I was in Old Navy at the mall last night. FML
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perdix 29

That's the danger of Photoshopping your MySpace picture too much and celebrating your fraud by stuffing your face with chili cheese fries.

ISellHerbs 0

Maybe you should take that as a hint.


MiddleChild08 0

At least he doesn't think it was you, or isn't letting you know that he knows it was you. I think if he knew it was you though he wouldn't have told you, because then he would have to answer you as to why he did not talk to you. I agree with the others though, even if he didn't think it was you, he is still shallow and sounds like an ass. Better you know that now...

to me this is just more proof that Old Navy easily adds 25-50 pounds... and that is just being in the store... you can extrapolate from this what the horrible attire sold there actually does for your apperance. Or perhaps you should use a more recent photo on your myspace... one of the two, you choose.

I cannot STAND old navy clothes!!!!! They are so frickin' ugly!

Ellowise_fml 0

Maybe MySpace makes you look slim?

No, Photoshop does.

iwannafuckyaman 0

haha stop eating. Fatty

Atleast the heifer knows not to ever meet up with him now hahahahaahaha oink

greenfairy_fml 0

I'm a horrible person for laughing at this. But I did. Did you only know him from myspace or does he actually know what you look like?

thats because your the kind of bitch that takes the neck up pictures while hiding your walrus body....just putting that out there.

XaosZaleski 0

@23: Cows don't 'oink' you idiot.

oink was unrelated to heifer [email protected]

laurr_rawrs 0

@30: wow you dumb skank. a heifer is a cow. cows don't oink, they moo. pigs oink.

holy fkn sh!t, I KNOW. Can I not say oink and heifer in the same sentence? Im well aware of what a heifer is or i wouldnt have used the stinkin' word. Just because I felt like saying 'oink' at the end doesnt mean I was refering to heifers making the noise 'oink' ya fat tard!

xbrit551 13

Alexandraa... Just shut up

The_Pleb REALLY needs a sandwich.