By yeahthatsme - United States
  Today, I placed a personal ad advertising myself as an overweight woman wanting sex. I sent pictures of me in lingerie to men who replied and was pleased that almost all were still interested. Then I sent face pics. As it turns out, being fat is not my problem. Apparently I'm ugly. FML
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By  56578  |  0

It stinks that the guys were so shallow as to turn you down because of a picture, everyone takes bad pics.

However, I think you deserve it placing an ad for sex and sending pictures of yourself to complete strangers. What did you think would happen?

I hope you'll be able to find someone in the future.

By  morgan020  |  0

hahaha that sucks but as a woman you should be able to get laid whenever you want no matter what so maybe your doing something else wrong. or did they say that your ugly because then I would have to say sorry.

By  bryster126  |  0

don't mean to be a bitch but
1) WTF posting pictures to get laid?, pathetic
2) you could haves photoshopped it
3) YDI for being fat and ugly
have a wonderful weekend :D

  jamsackson  |  0

It is most likely 100% her fault she is fat. She deserves it for alowing herself to turn into a hippo when she was already freakishly ugly. Have fun not having sex with anyone. Ever. Stupid ho.