By BilletsDoudous - 15/01/2015 06:51 - France

Today, I'm a ticket inspector on a train. A suspiciously-acting guy of about 30 gets on board with two huge bags. Worried, I keep an eye on him. I wasn't disappointed when he got 5 furry toys out of his bags and started to have a conversation with them. FML
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I read this expecting them to be dead animals

Drugs, funny stuff.


I read this expecting them to be dead animals

Kyle1dc 17

I was expecting ****** and lube to fall out for some reason.

At least he wasn't talking to dead animals. Or to ******.

Kyle1dc 17

imagine op's face then!

At least he wasn't putting ****** in dead animals.

I thought it was either a bomb or -more likely- panties. USED panties.

Who says those furry toys weren't actually real animals that had been stuffed after they died?

Me too or like the head of some person he just murdered

I've taken a dead animal onto a train. 5 hours with a dead fox.

Drugs, funny stuff.

Why do you automatically assume he's on drugs? Maybe he's lonely and the stuffed animals are the only ones who are listening to him? I kinda feel sad for the man, if that was the case...

I work at a jail and deal with the clinically insane people everyday. It is sad, very sad. A lot of those people have been so secluded their entire lives that they've given up trying to co exist and just accepted the fact to stay by themselves forcing their brains to go into a psychedelic state.

That is actually really interesting society thinks of criminals as just sociopaths with no emotion when there are generally good reasons for them having done what they did.

No.. He knew you were watching so he wanted you to think he was insane. He's not on drugs. The drugs are inside the stuffed animals.

Miss_Batgirl17 12

Well, need someway to keep occupied...

At least he was only talking to them, not punching, *******, or licking them.

those days aren't far away...

this is taking it to a whole new level

Definitely don't see that every day. .

You should have checked to make sure the furry animals had a ticket

That would've been awesome! I would've loved to see OP's face after op asked the stuffed animals for their ticket and then explained to the guy that his animals have to get off at the next stop because they don't have tickets. Mean, but funny.

PePziNL 20

That would make his day, I presume.

martin8337 35

Loneliness IS everything that it's cracked up to be.

I can only imagine your face while seeing that

Atleast he s got company, those people tend to get lonely you know!