By Kelnyquist - United States
Today, I'm a horse trainer and I started working with a lady's horse. After two hours of hard work and sweat, me and the horse in question are tired and I tell her I'll be back tomorrow. I get to the part where she's supposed to pay me and she says, "Oh! I thought this was free!?" FML
Kelnyquist tells us more :
OP here! This was the first time I was handling a client on my own. I've been an apprentice for several years and I was recommended to this lady by a friend of mine. I guess their conversation about me somehow made it seem as if I would do the first lesson free. I did get the payment. Me and the horse are getting on just fine now and our lessons have been reduced to thirty minutes a day. He even greets me at the gate!
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By  trollcrusher  |  17

Obviously, I'd hope you made it clear to her beforehand what you were going to charge for your services. But either that isn't the case, or she's just a foolish, blatant liar. I find it doubtful that someone could be so asinine as to try weaseling out of paying in this manner, but people never fail to surprise. If it was somehow an honest mistake on her part, she totally deserves it. You have to be pretty naïve to think a professional will render their service free of charge, out of the blue (unless they're a friend, it's part of a promotion, you discuss it beforehand, etc.).

  snoopy325  |  23

She's absolutely just trying to get out of paying this way. I have the unfortunate opportunity to know someone exactly like her, for example she bought a car with financing. When they came to repossess it she called her ex husband crying because "she didn't know she had to make monthly payments". That girl is stupid, but not so stupid to think she can get a free car, just like this woman who doesn't want to pay to get her horse trained. If she called for a service, she knew it wasn't free


She's definitely trying to use ignorance to get out of it. she also definitely probably knew about it beforehand. it's like those insane fucking stories you hear about people losing their shit in McDonald's, walmart, where the hell ever. they just do it expecting to get free shit for the ""trouble"" they had to deal with.

She's one of those people.

By  manuwish  |  9

she asked that knowing you're a professional? or did she think you're amateur learning to gain experience? The price should be discussed beforehand if you don't have fixed rates..asking people how they got your number should be part of your business, if the caller has it from a friend, tell them where on your homepage they can find your prices..that way the question doesn't even have to come up..just and idea OP..

By  GhanArch  |  6

Happens to me too sometimes and honestly is almost always someone trying to get out of paying. I really hope your reply wasn't anything but a variation of "No, it isn't. You owe me x amount of moneys. "