By anonymous - 25/11/2015 02:59 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I learned that I cannot cook or clean in my kitchen because it's too noisy for my neighbour. Every time I do, she bangs on the wall. FML
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Be more considerate. You don't need to eat, just live off the air you breathe. YDI.

Unless you're baking at 2 am with chainsaws and a nail gun, that's unwarranted.


SilentSin 23

Just bang back. That's what I do

And bang louder and longer. She'll stop.

should make a cool rythm of it

She might call the cops and cause OP a huge problem. It sound slide they live in apartments to she could report it to the apartment manager and if that doesn't work record it and call the cops to have it documented then complain again to management. First rule of any adult conflict is document everything.

Damn seems like a great time to move elsewhere. Although I'm assuming you or her are new to the place. Sorry to hear op.

I'm assuming OP would much rather just resolve this issue than have to move and alter their lives due to a silly problem.

Well if op has the problem with one person, it'll be the same with any new neighbors

ChopSuey444 20

#60 most people understand that others must cook and clean, and don't make a fuss about it. So, I disagree.

Why did this get so much dislikes? sure it's a little extreme but it was a idea or a suggestion

Be more considerate. You don't need to eat, just live off the air you breathe. YDI.

Yeah I agree. OP should just stop being a brat and learn photosynthesis. It's not that difficult.

Osmosis: also very quiet.

mds9986 24

You can just filter feed! *starts taking deep breaths*

Next thing you know, the neighbor will be banging for "breathing too loud"

Rawrshi 25

Just blast music. Then she won't hear you cooking or cleaning. I recommend heavy death metal just to be sure. c:

Kaalschneid 21

That's better than mine, telling her to go around, and that there's no door on this side. or shout in response "Come in!"

That sounds like something I'd do lol

Sounds like you need to give your neighbor an early Christmas gift so you don't starve. Earplugs with a note saying you have a matching pair so you don't have to listen to her banging on the wall all the time.

You should randomly bang the wall and tell them to shut up continuously

Bang on the door like Sheldon cooper, and if no one answers just keep doing it. Hahahaha

Unless you're baking at 2 am with chainsaws and a nail gun, that's unwarranted.

I don't know how you bake, but chainsaws are kind of needed.

I've used an electric saw and drill before while baking--and it wasn't to build a cake stand.

She deserves to get Chopped for turning your house into Hell's Kitchen.

tiger820 20

I see what you did there...

MonstreBelle 28

I hope this Kitchen Nightmare ends soon for OP

Go have a talk with her. If that doesn't work, go to the manager/landlord. Then if she is relentless, just turn up some music to drown her out and take care of yourself. Eventually she'll get the point.

YDI OP. People need to be able to live in absolute silence. You should be ashamed of your self for making so much noise! You should maybe eat your filth. That way you neither have to cook nor cleat.

#36 says the person who failed to recognize sarcasm