By bradix1186 - Philippines - Kidapawan
Today, I got the most tear-jerking comment so far about my severe stutter. While I was talking to my neighbor, his little brother interrupted and asked me if I was possessed by a demon. FML
bradix1186 tells us more :
Hello everyone. I never thought it would get published. I sort of just powered up my computer and felt I had to vent here after it happened. But it's okay though. I'm used to the bickering comments I receive. But I refuse to concede to the negative effects that come with it; I'm a happy person. To those who are sympathetic to what I have, I'm forever grateful while I also am but all sympathetic to those who are not.
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By  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

I would haunt the little shit

  sweetbliss3  |  37

aren't you just an asshole? it's not like she can help it. it's probably already affecting her self esteem, so you're going to make it worse for her? you're a shitbag.

  nityasomaiya  |  46

Totally agree. I used to stutter, but when I shifted schools, the comfortable environment seemed good for me and now I speak so fluently that I got a role in the play. So all you basically need to do is be supportive and make her feel comfortable...

  marigoldcobain  |  21

Keep in mind it's their sister. You can't say you are really nice to your siblings and have never insulted them. My brother and I constantly make fun of each other for stuff like that.

  Musicstruck17  |  24

I totally understand what you mean but there are comments that hurt more if it's from a family member. Most people don't say anything to their sibling if it really hurt they're feelings. They keep it bottled up inside. There's many stuff to make fun of but I think a sibling shouldn't make fun of something a person can't control. I mean how fucked up would be if they make fun of you if you can't walk? The same thing applies. Not controllable.

  gracehi  |  31

Happens to the best of us. As someone who used to have a speech impediment growing up, I think it's best to have a sender of humor about it. Accusing someone of being possessed by a demon is a bit too far, though.

By  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

I would haunt the little shit

  Ltsdragons  |  19

Right back at you.

Your comment is so incredibly rude. If you had a stutter would you like it if someone started making fun of you for it? You think you're funny, but you're not. You're just a fucking asshole

By  Noah197099  |  17

I have a friend with a stutter... usually, my other friend teases him about it, but then he makes fun of his limp in return... idk how this is relevant, but it is pretty damn funny...