By bradix1186 - 21/02/2015 18:00 - Philippines - Kidapawan

Today, I got the most tear-jerking comment so far about my severe stutter. While I was talking to my neighbor, his little brother interrupted and asked me if I was possessed by a demon. FML
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Hello everyone. I never thought it would get published. I sort of just powered up my computer and felt I had to vent here after it happened. But it's okay though. I'm used to the bickering comments I receive. But I refuse to concede to the negative effects that come with it; I'm a happy person. To those who are sympathetic to what I have, I'm forever grateful while I also am but all sympathetic to those who are not.

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nesteremily 31

I would have said, "Yes, and you're next."

xivoricbutterfly 25

I would haunt the little shit


Head up OP, sounds like he's a little demon. Keep at it and you'll get speaking better :)

It doesn't say how old the kid is but he could be as young as 3. Maybe didn't realize how offensive what he said was.

I don't understand why this comment has been down voted... The kid is rude and if he knows about demons and being possessed by them, he's surely older than 3.

it's the childs parents fault for not teaching them any respect

Its the parents fault for teaching him about demon possession before teaching him manners.

nesteremily 31

I would have said, "Yes, and you're next."

ShadowlessSpear 21

Would be hard to do with OP's stutter.

wow that was a little over the top and I can be mean when my sister stutters

aren't you just an asshole? it's not like she can help it. it's probably already affecting her self esteem, so you're going to make it worse for her? you're a shitbag.

nityasomaiya 46

Totally agree. I used to stutter, but when I shifted schools, the comfortable environment seemed good for me and now I speak so fluently that I got a role in the play. So all you basically need to do is be supportive and make her feel comfortable...

Keep in mind it's their sister. You can't say you are really nice to your siblings and have never insulted them. My brother and I constantly make fun of each other for stuff like that.

I totally understand what you mean but there are comments that hurt more if it's from a family member. Most people don't say anything to their sibling if it really hurt they're feelings. They keep it bottled up inside. There's many stuff to make fun of but I think a sibling shouldn't make fun of something a person can't control. I mean how ****** up would be if they make fun of you if you can't walk? The same thing applies. Not controllable.

What a d-d-dick move.

Kind of like your comment

I c-c-c-conur.

badluckalex 23

4 and 30 are assholes.

wow first time grace has been downvoted I've seen

@#44 Oh no... Me??? An asshole? Oh, my heart can't take it.

Happens to the best of us. As someone who used to have a speech impediment growing up, I think it's best to have a sender of humor about it. Accusing someone of being possessed by a demon is a bit too far, though.

xivoricbutterfly 25

I would haunt the little shit

#5 Right? He already gave OP a starter! OP should have said yes and played the possessed card as pay back.

I have a stutter and I would do the same thing.

lowkeybelieber 7

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Right back at you. Your comment is so incredibly rude. If you had a stutter would you like it if someone started making fun of you for it? You think you're funny, but you're not. You're just a ******* asshole

I have a friend with a stutter... usually, my other friend teases him about it, but then he makes fun of his limp in return... idk how this is relevant, but it is pretty damn funny...

I just read "possessed" in the scarred scooby doo and shaggy stutter voice

Willibobs 33

I imagined it said in the voice of the Flanders kids from the Simpsons. Chin up though op :-)

SoullessSolace 12

Tell the little turd that demons only possess people with no tact or courtesy, then look at him knowingly!