By notcool - 14/01/2009 14:30 - United States

Today, I finished part of a project. When I asked my coworkers what they thought, they said they liked one of the few things that had already been implemented almost a year ago. Thanks for noticing. FML
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I think that the OP was the person who redesigned and reorganized the companies web page/web site, and after spending a lot of time changing things (color/positioning etc.) their coworkers said "Hey, I like that" and pointed to something that had been there the whole time (like a company logo in the corner).

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We're going to see another FML from OP saying "Today, I got an FML posted. No one in the comments section understood what it said. FML"


Is there where the dead FMLs lay?

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Just a 2015 comment passing through

After 7 years, this FML is still a mystery.