By ryzzostar - 25/05/2016 19:50 - United States - Seminole

Today, I finally got my screaming, teething, 1-year-old daughter down for a nap to hopefully get some work done. The second I opened my laptop, FedEx dropped off a package and rang the doorbell. My dog went nuts. Then my neighbor rang the doorbell to let me know I had a package. My daughter's awake now. FML
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ryzzostar tells us more.

I'm OP. There has been a sign on my doorbell since I brought her home that says "IF YOU RING THIS DOORBELL YOU WIN A SCREAMING BABY", as for the dog she's been through training (several times) but she failed... but she's as good-natured as they come, and my neighbor means well, he wanted to make sure I brought in the package because there has been a lot of theft in my neighborhood lately. My daughter was very premature but never been sick so we use natural remedies over Orajel and Tylenol/Motrin, she rarely fusses about her teeth, it was just one of those days.

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Why would your neighbors ring the bell? Is this some weird neighbor bullshit that people in suburbs do?

Put a sign on your door: "Caution: Sleeping baby. Caustic mother when wakened."


I don't know about you, but I get excited whenever I get a package. At least now, you have two lovely packages to hold (poor baby, though).

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obviously never been the caregiver of a teething infant. nap time is more valuable than any precious stone or metal in this world. yes, babies are awesome and precious, but you feel like killing whomever woke yours.

Yes, let's go ahead and bog down an obviously light hearted comment a parent vs. non-parent argument. Yes, he probably doesn't have kids, but he isn't a moron. EVERYONE knows a child's sleepy time is important because it's gives the parent a break. Just because we haven't procreated doesn't mean we're nonsensical idiots like every person who has ever bred seems to think.

You're welcome. My wife gets this shit all the time from our sister in law, her opinions being discounted because we don't have children. Her opinion might not be fully informed, but her opinion should not be discounted because she is human being and has a mind of her own. Her knowledge and skills of observation don't start once she gives birth, they start /at/ birth. It drives me absolutely fucking insane.

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It's not that they have a loud dog and a young baby. They probably have a very well-behaved dog but most dogs go crazy and start barking at the sound of the doorbell or when people come over. It's really not uncommon. Also, she likely had the dog for a few years, at least, before she had her baby. Should she just abandon and get rid of her dog? Or maybe she should've just never had kids, if she wanted the dog so much? No to both - it doesn't have to be one or the other.

Dogs can (and probably should) be trained out of going ballistic whenever the doorbell goes off. Wouldn't have helped much in this situation since the doorbell going off twice probably would've woken up the kid anyway, but it's not really a harmless behavior. It's not just annoying, it means your dog is in a lot of stress whenever someone comes to your door. That is pretty unnecessary if it's a companion and not a specifically trained guard dog.

So I guess that means you don't actually have dogs. Dogs are not robots. Just like people, they have emotional needs and instincts that cannot be fully controlled.

Their instincts can absolutely be controlled. Not every one can be controlled 100%, but you can help teach them self control. They have an easier time with it when you give them an outlet. Give them an appropriate time and place to use those instincts and they will find it easier to control them when it's not appropriate. Dogs are adaptable. If their instincts couldn't be controlled, they wouldn't be successful at living with humans.

Thoughts like this are why so many dogs are just thrown away when things get too tough. A go can be taught to be quieter and the baby is getting older every day. It was a bad day, but it's not permanent. My dogs have woken me up at bad times like when I've been very sick or for some other reason. It doesn't mean they are "loud dogs" or that they should be gotten rid of. It just means that they are a living being that acted inappropriately. People do it all the time and we have far more intelligence than a dog.

That's on you for having a child, OP

Put a sign on your door: "Caution: Sleeping baby. Caustic mother when wakened."

There are nice signs on etsy for this have a look on the next nap :)

neuronerd 28

My sister has a sign that she'll put over the doorbell, because often people won't read what's on the door. However, she just has "do not ring, please knock gently" on it.

Yep, that's something mom maybe should have done before opening her laptop. OP, get one of those "sleeping baby, don't ring the doorbell" signs for the next time you get your kid down for a nap. Still, it's gotta suck to be in that situation.

Caustic usually applies to acids and alkalines aka bases, so you just effectively called OP a basic b.

When used in conjunction with a person, it's saying the person is particularly acerbic and happy to verbally eradicate whomever crosses their path.

I have felt your pain, OP. This piece of advice came late for me but you could always leave a note on the door asking anyone to refrain from knocking or ringing the doorbell; just in case the nugget happens to be sleeping. Edit: #5 beat me to it. lol

is your neighbor ned flanders by any chance ?

Why would your neighbors ring the bell? Is this some weird neighbor bullshit that people in suburbs do?

They probably had nothing better to do. Sounds like the kind of nosy neighbor who does nothing but stare at the other houses around theirs and bother their fellow neighbors.

I live in suburbs, this is not a normal thing to do

My uncle lives in Philadelphia and his neighbors will tell him if he has a package but only if they see him outside his house (he runs a lot in the mornings)

There could be something going on in the neighborhood that would cause the neighbor to think it was a good idea. A rash of thefts could prompt someone to make sure their neighbor knew there was a package. We had to do that a while back. We had neighbors hiding our packages in bushes and calling us when we got home to let us know where it was so that it wasn't stolen by someone with less than shining intentions.

Definitely put a note on the door

I'd beat the crap out of the neighbor. Why would they ring the doorbell after they watched the FedEx guy rig the doorbell?