By seth7_ - United States - Dunedin
Today, after arriving home from work I found that my dog took a dump down the air conditioning vents on the floor. Now the whole house smells so good. FML
seth7_ tells us more :
In the process of training, he's a puppy though. My wife was supposed to be watching him but something came up.
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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

That's also going to be fun to clean... Not to get into detail here but if it's wet enough to slip through vent slots... It probably slid down the vent drafts... Into places you can't really clean!


#50 that's an assumption on your part. I have a small dog and although I take her out every morning to pee, she doesn't poop until after she has eaten and by then I am already gone for the day. She uses a puppy pad during the time I am gone because, well, she has a little bladder. OP's dog could have done it because it is sick (hope for his sake that it isn't) or it was an aberration. Just because a dog does something wrong doesn't mean the owner is not a good one.

  \  |  28

In all honesty, #21, "shit happens" is far more acceptable than "that's a shituation/shitty situation."

  jmfreee  |  16

Invest, by definition, can mean:

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English, motherfucker.

  That_Ginger  |  18

Don't know why this is getting thumbed down. As somebody that's becoming a vet, I spend a lot of time with animals, including my own dogs.

I have one golden retriever that behaves extremely well whether I'm home or not. However, my other golden has A LOT of energy, and when I'm not home, she destroys the house (ripping cushions, moving furniture, ect.) out of boredom.

I have to put her in her crate when I leave so that she doesn't do this. She loves it. She just plays with her toys the whole time. I don't even have to force her to go in it. She'll even go in sometimes when I'm home.

If OP properly trains their dog, then it should be no problem doing this when they're not home.

  EmsyyyRose13  |  24

I agree. One of my family dogs chews things even when we are home, so we put her in her crate when we leave. That way, she can't mess up the house or eat something that could make her sick.