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Today, a customer approached me, smiling and asked what kind of cheese was in our cheddar cheese balls. Thinking he was joking, I laughed and said "swiss." He ordered, found they were indeed cheddar cheese, and reported me. FML
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bandaidstations tells us more.

I didn't think it was swiss..I made a stupid joke that backfired. Cheddar cheese balls are the only fried cheese item we carry. There is a 6 foot menu board with the description right under the item. The customer is a regular who comes in and harasses us all the time. He says things like I will go to hell for having a tattoo while he buys lottery tickets out of the machine. Since he laughs the comments he makes off like he's joking, I figured I could joke with him a bit.


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Looks like we have a commenter almost as dumb as the customer.

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U guys couldn't take or understand a joke ? Lol

Myo, even though the comment didn't sound intelligent to you and many others, yours was unnecessary and pretty rude.

Hahaha people ! It was a damn joke and I don't care about you mayo , get a life , your info says a lot ..

I thought jokes were supposed to be funny?

That depends from person to another ;)

Tbh #19 is the only one who spoke the truth here, you're all idiots, and #1, your jokes are shit. I can find a starving kid in Africa that can fart rhythms that would be funnier than your joke.

You don't deserve so many downvotes OP. Honestly some people aren't the smartest. It wasn't your fault you didn't know he was serious, i mean it's in the name for a ******* reason

But still. If there was the slightest chance he was being serious, he should've told him the truth. But still that customer was stupid.

When I worked at a cafe, a customer asked me what the difference between a cappuccino and an iced cappuccino was. Thinking it was a joke, I laughed at her. She did not like that. Sometimes, people ask stupid or obvious questions. Sometimes it's because they're joking around (some people, like my dad, think it's funny to ask servers stupid questions); sometimes it's because they're actually that obtuse. It's hard to know the difference sometimes.

There were a few holes in your approach.

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Op really could have had a cheddar approach to the situation

I Camembert anymore cheese puns! They're real muensters!

These puns are grate, couldn't brie any better.

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What's all this cheese doing in my cheese balls?!

unfortunately, not everyone can recognize or appreciate sarcasm

Just remember it's best to ignore stupid people. That's why I don't go outside.

Was his brain full of holes like the Swiss cheese too?

AnyaS 19

Interesting fact: not all Swiss cheese has holes and not all cheese with holes are Swiss.

Well that's not gouda. :D I'll go ahead and show myself out for that cheesy pun.

Never ever assume that customers, asking this kind of questions, will understand irony/sarcasm/any kind of joke. Never.

Oops, accidentally down voted you. But OP assumed the customer made a joke and just went along with it, instead of reacting sarcastically/jokingly of their own accord.