Such a sweet little boy

By no, YOU raised him - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - Concord

Today, I asked my 5-year-old son how school went today. He sighed and said, "Fuck off, dad." I thought kids only became such colossal douchebags in their teens. FML
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Maybe he took after his mother?


Your picture is of a sperm. I would not want that busting my sons ass

Your reply rendered me speechless.

Maybe he took after his mother?

You need to watch what you say in front of him... And see where he's learning from kids these young like to copy

It is extremely likely that the dad isn't the one openly swearing, let alone at anybody, in front of the son since the father wrote an FML about it.

I agree, only to a certain extent. My sisters and their husbands are very Christian and talk like that. They came home from school saying "shit" "ass" and "fucker"...public schools man. They're only 6 and 8.

wow...I'm not even mad...I'm actually impressed!

I wouldn't find the term "fuck off" impressive coming out of anyone's mouth. Especially a 5 year old. He needs a talk and a smack on the bum

Is it that they're douchebags, or that parents forgot that a smack every now and then is part of good parenting?

no cause now a days disciplining your child is considered "abuse"

Yes and when you don't discipline your kids they act like the OP's kid. I was disciplined and got my ass smacked. All 4 of us did. I learnt to respect my elders and when to hold my tongue. My mom smacked my brothers ass about 2 years ago (when he was 8) in front of a room full of cops she was feeding and they all applauded her for showing discipline like that.

My parents never hit me and the worst thing I ever did was cut school once... in grade 11. Hitting your child is not the same as disciplining. If you are a good parent you can raise a good child without touching them in a negative way. Oh and where am I now without this "discipline"? A university graduate who also has a post-graduate diploma, working part-time while I hunt for a career in my field, while volunteering at two organizations.

Not all kids can be taught the same #73

I agree, it's stupid how raising your hand to teach your kid a lesson is called "abuse"

beating your child is the lazy way of parenting , you need patience and you need to explain what they did was wrong and why , you can't just smack your child for swearing when they probably learned it from you and that's why they think it's ok to talk like that , people are sickening for thinking it's ok to beat a child .

73, yet you're not smart enough to realize that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for all people. Some kids need harsher discipline than others. There's no "one size fits all" policy.

#121 do you have kids? What do you do for a living? You cannot explain such concepts to a child. They don't have be ability to understand, they are children. And don't blame the parent automatically for the swear, you don't know their household. The ideas like this is why this society is collapsing. You don't have to beat on your child with a stick, but kids have no respect. People have no respect. You need to get their attention and trying to talk to them like mini adults is as stupid as ignoring the behavior. And all kids are different. Maybe that one person genuinely didn't have to be spanked once, good for them. My parents only spanked me when I was way out of line and I love them. They are good people. There's a difference between abuse and discipline and man do I wish you people would understand that.

A few smacks on the butt is not “beating”

When I was 5, I got a wooden spoon on the bum for that. That being said... Kid's kinda awesome for knowing how to cuss in proper context...

Pretty low standards to brand something like this "awesome", don't you think?

Serves to prove that a wooden spoon on the bum doesn't really help. It teaches the kid that if they say that, they get hit. It doesn't teach them why they shouldn't say it or that it's not "awesome". They haven't learned, they're just scared.

Bullshit. I was disciplined with an open hand or wooden spoon, and I'm not scared or traumatised in the slightest. Parents are too soft these days, I never would have thought of falsely accusing a babysitter of molestation or blackmailing them, and that's because I was taught to expect a consequence to my actions, and be respectful.

When did I say traumatised? I'm not saying that it necessarily scars the kids for life, just that it doesn't teach them the true reason they should behave. It shows them that others have the power to humiliate them and do them harm, not that they shouldn't do these things themselves. Sets a bad example.

'If you spare the rod, you spoil the child'... Proverbs I believe.

Ah, another anecdote that some people think proves spanking is necessary to be a good parent. How about instead of anecdotes (which are almost completely insignificant), we look at some studies? "The current findings suggest that even minor forms of corporal punishment, such as spanking, increase risk for increased child aggressive behavior." This next one found that respondents that had been slapped as a child had significantly higher lifetime rates of anxiety disorders and alcohol abuse or dependence. Personal experience is not evidence for anything. All personal experiences warrants is study on the matter. This is the same reason many still believe vaccines cause autism. There kid (or many times, they just hear of someone else's) was diagnosed with autism sometime after receiving a vaccine and they completely ignore all the studies showing that there is no link.

#68 - Thank you. Finally someone using their brain... probably because you weren't hit as a child and are still able to think rationally about the matter without resorting to "my parents did it so therefore it's the best/only way that works".

Being not much of a fan of it myself, I was spanked myself as a kid. Am I being biased? This is personal matter that all of us have either went through, or haven't. Of course this will be a somewhat biased subject. As stated earlier, there has been multiple studies that have summarized their findings, which are not conclusive. The way your parents 'hit your tush' May or May not deter the way you turn out. I myself in general, like to think out I came out just fine. Someone who wasn't spanked, can say the same thing. Spanking has been around for ages, it was never meant to be a form of abuse, but more of a tool used to 'teach a lesson'. At my work place (I give tours for a well-renowned museum), I have seen many kids who are courteous , mature and well behaved. I have also seen the complete opposite, which is almost a complete reflection of either the parents behavior, or how much they discipline the kid. Like I said earlier, I'm showing both sides here. Spanking can be a very emotionally scaring thing, but It really depends on how it's done. I was always threatened with a belt, but it never happened. It was always the threat that made me realize what I was doing, was wrong. Therefore, I learned how to avoid being spanked. This was, by acting mature. If you are spanked, and there are no greater threats, then what's the point? That itself can be bad just by how hard your are spanked. IMO, this subject can go both ways.

My main point is you can't just use your own experience as total proof. Not being spanked and turning out fine in your own view doesn't really mean anything. Being spanked and turning out find in your own view also means nothing. There are so many factors involved in development that you can't use either of those experiences as proof for anything. This is why we do studies. Sure, it's not conclusive, as nothing really is. But the studies do give us a higher level of certainty than we get from just speculation and anecdotes.

Pretty uptight to not have a sense of humor, don't ya think?? We're all here to laugh at what life throws at us, no need to be so friggin' judgmental towards people you don't even know.

I guess being a menace to society and a burden to taxpayers for being an inmate as an unruly adult is fine... No need to teach children there's consequences for their actions. I only provided my form of punishment as a child, and y'all REALLY took it the wrong way.

I sincerely hope he was reprimanded in some way, unless you want to end up with a whole lot of swearing kindergarteners and appalled parents.

Hahahaha wow kids these days

If you didn't whoop him and ground him for a month straight after that you need parent counseling

Grounding in today's society doesn't really do much anymore. they'll just go play outside or play on an iPad...

#60 what kind of grounding let's you play outside? Grounding needs to be modified for this generation. Take away all electronics and make sure to create new passwords so that they're not used if found.

My friends parents used to ground her by putting her in the laundry room. If they put her in her own bedroom she would just read one of her books and be perfectly content. You make the punishment fit the child.

That is not ok and he needs to know. Explain it to him or I'd you already did, punish him.