By killerxdeagles - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Wichita

Today, I was t-boned and my truck was rendered useless. I was given a ticket even though the man who hit me ran a red light. Why? Because there was dirt on my license plate. FML
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Because everyone knows it's super easy to keep your car clean in the summer. What a dick. Sorry, op, and glad you're okay!

That's just filthy.


Because everyone knows it's super easy to keep your car clean in the summer. What a dick. Sorry, op, and glad you're okay!

Winter. I meant in the winter.

nataliewby 25

Isn't it Winter though? Edit: my bad, I didn't see you had corrected yourself!

If the OP was from the Southern Hemisphere you'd have been correct the first time.

Yeah #1 you should've played it off like you were an Aussie or something.

Well 1, OP is from Kansas so it probably doesn't get awfully cold there in the winter (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm from Central New York and our winters can be terrible).

Yes, it goes get cold during Kansas winters. It's not like they're in Texas or Arizona.

As someone who lives in Kansas, there is a ton of dirt everywhere when there isn't snow. Also yes it does get cold here, but it doesn't usually get into the negatives except with wind chill. Wind chill makes winter gruesome here

I guess I learned something new today. Where I live, most of our winter weather patterns are either from Canada, or from Lake Effect. I wasn't sure exactly how cold Kansas did get in the winter, thanks for correcting me!

Yeah, I definitely agree with the wind chill making everything worse. The weather isn't that bad, but when you combine high winds with ice storms and blizzards it's not fun.

I wish I could pretend to be from Australia, but instead I'm from Canada, and it is in fact quite cold.

At least you northerners can use the excuse of it being cold and snowy in winter. It doesn't snow nor drop below 50° Fahrenheit often during the winter in east Texas.

tiptoppc 16

Come to nebraska. We trump north and south on both ends of extreme. With extra humidity in hot, none in cold!

Is this a typo on FML!?! What is the world coming to!

Go to court

File a motion to dismiss, for lack of evidence. Also file discovery. They will not wish to deal with the paperwork and dismiss.

It's probably a really small ticket. Is it worth the time and effort to fight it. You can be sure they'll leave you to last, and maybe even make you come back.

#27 except for the fact that it could hike one's insurance rates. It's ALWAYS worth the time and effort to fight a traffic ticket. In the long run it saves you money.

#34 No, it's not. If you get a parking ticket, or a ticket for tinted windows, you won't get points on your license. Same with a dirty number plate. It won't effect your insurance rate at all. $20-$50 Vs 5-15 hours in court. You get to decide if it's worth it or not.

Why go to court? If you can't read the plate, you get a ticket. If you don't have on a seat belt, you get a ticket. Has nothing to do with being in an accident.... Except that a policeman had noticed the plate was dirty.

The other driver probably got charged.

That's just filthy.

Surely the other guy should have gotten a ticket as well...Also, of course your license plate should be visible, but do you really get a ticket just because there's dirt on it? Wow...

Yeah gets his truck totaled, totally deserves that ticket unrelated to the accident.

orbit 22

Yes, he does. Just because he got into an accident doesn't mean he gets a get out of jail free card for anything he was doing wrong.

OP Could've gotten the dirt on his plate during the accident. Getting T-Boned is pretty bad, and considering his truck was totaled.

Sucks but one might not have anything to do with the other. How much dirt are we talking here? Enough to not be able to read your license plate? By law it needs to be legible. Imagine in another case, getting involved with a hit and run and not being able to get their license number because it's covered in dirt as it speeds away.

Was it dirty because of the crash? And did the other car at least get a ticket for crashing into you?

Not every traffic accident is the result of a citation-worthy traffic violation. In fact, the vast majority aren't. That's why they're called accidents.

meggieeeee92 27

The only reason the OP was in the accident was because the other person ran a red light and hit him. That seems citation worthy to me.

Running a red light IS a citation-able offense. In my State the charge would be "Ignoring a traffic control device " which is a red light or stop sign. I know. I was T-boned by a red light runner and he got one.

#15 not so. I was rear ended a guy while it was pissing down rain. It was an unavoidable accident. The cop on the scene knew that too. He said something along the lines of, "I'm sorry I HAVE to ticket you. If I don't ticket someone at any collision 'I'm not doing my job'." He even finger quoted that. Though he didn't file the paperwork, so it got thrown out when I went to court.

If you rear-ended some dude while driving in the rain, If the other guy had working brake/tail lights and they were on, you were either 1. going too fast for conditions or 2. Driving when you should have pulled over to the side. Sorry, dude, you deserved that ticket.

That's cold! Literally adding insult to injury!

The cop felt the need to give a ticket

Scorpio1691 29

Had a quota to meet no doubt

Plot Twist: The cop who ticketed OP was also the one who ran a red light and hit his truck.