Slogging for nothing

By JoannaG25 - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - Netherlands

Today, I was told that in order to be considered for more jobs, I should remove my college degree from my resume. FML
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what did you major in? pottery?

yes.. they don't have to pay you as much that way.


what did you major in? pottery?

maybe one of those crazy degrees like a major in the world of warcraft

It was probably underwater basket weaving.

Were you told this by an idiot by chance?

ok 2 questions where the fuck did u go to school? what the fuck did u major in? but yeahhhh that sucks HARD

OP is from the Netherlands, maybe they majored in Viking Studies. :)

community college? and majoring in yo mammas jokes?

Maybe you're over-qualified?

What #32 said. I was told the same thing and I have an Honors Degree. Being over qualified sucks.

maybe she majored in cannibis if she's from the netherlands

45 but that would be totally acceptable

Well technically speaking they could have possibly studied Viking, but since Vikings are from Scandanavia I don't see how this comment makes sense. You might want to get a basic high school education.

We don't have major/minors in the Netherlands ;) but it was probably some useless MBO degree (mbo is the college for below average people.. More practical studies)

hmmm if 56 is true than ya.. I don't think that looks good at all

#56, uhm.. yes we do. And it makes more sense that she's overqualified, there are jobs enough for MBO students, but there is a tight labor market for higher qualified people.

underwater basket weaving ftw :]]]

I was told that too by several hiring managers. you look over qualified and they think as soon as something in your field opens you will leave. I have tried to explain to them that I need a job since nothing is open in my field right now nor will be til the recession is over.

You just told them to fear exactly what they are fearing, when the recession is over im going to look for something else.

Yeah, 75 is right. Fuck American reccession!

The talking radio says I.T. is the "biggest growing field..."

fail 17 Vikings are from Scandinavia...

He probably felt stupid compared to you.

#56, Ehm, we do actually have Masters and Minors. Btw, if you're going to say MBO is for below average people, reread the name please. M as in Middelbaar, as in Average. So it's loosely translated as Average Vocational Education. Maybe you should go back to highschool before they allow you back on the internet to make smart-ass remarks ^^

that would actually take some skill.

Knowing about Vikings doesn't show your intelligence. It merely shows your social ineptitude, and abundance of fail.

Same here. Only my problem is that there are no jobs in my field without a PhD. I only have a master's. Which simultaneously over-and under-qualifies me for everything.

it could have been a spacious porn star astronaut gum chewing major.

Being over qualified sucks but removing it won't get you a job either. Then they'll say you need a degree for the job.

hey #8 I majored in that and it got me my job as the underwater basket weaving society president. so suck it

let me guess, Westwood college? or that DeVrie vet tech bullshit?

Yeah... Harry pottery!! Muahahaha

That's a fun fake Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. I can totally see this as a degree choice next to a Duct Tape Fashion degree. Wallets, hats, trench coats....

that is just wrong.

where did you graduate from? texas?

i know u didnt go there

Quiet down and go listen to your Terminator governor.


Rockefoe, you must have went to Arkansas, for not noticing that the OP was in a different country.

WTF are you picking on Texas for? UT is a damn good school and the state of Texas has a number of other damn good schools. Texas is one of the best places for industry right now too.

3- oh hell no. you did NOT just try to imply that Texas schools are bad...

yes #36, that was what he was implying.

I'm smarter than you dumbasses and I go to a Texas high school. I don't think our colleges are that bad...

look at the plates baby ut all the way, well think of it this way if op went to a texas school they would be overqualified for anything even for president lol, and us longhorns dont take to kind to your kind of people *locks shotgun spits some chew rebel yell*

don't hate on Texas

Rockfoe's probably just mad because she's not good enough for Texas

Damn, I knew Texas was big, but I didn't know it went all the way to the Netherlands. Did other countries become states while I wasn't looking?

... And this is why people hate black people...

Just cuz the op is in Netherlands doesn't make it inconceivable that they couldve gone to a Texas school ya know.

58, I really hope you're being sarcastic.

Technically speaking, Red, that's exactly what happened. Texas was it's own country before joining the Union ;) Texas can make a pretty good case for leaving the union now too, but I will leave that for another time :P

Texas sucks and everyone one knows it. fyl for thinking UT is a good school

the only good thing that ever came from Texas is Big Lurch

Hey come on, don't hate on Arkansas...or black people.

81, go back to class and let the grown ups talk. UT is ranked in the top 50 schools in the country. The engineering graduate school is ranked #9 in the country. The business school is #16 in the country. Law school #15. I didn't go to UT, for the record. In fact my alma mater hates UT. But they are a good school and you'd have to be very misinformed to think otherwise.

everyone dont like texas beacause we are profiting and dont need government bailouts or help, texas is great u can go through four seasons here

Hey, Arkansas isn't that bad.

Yeah. Plus Rice University is in Texas, and it was rated one of the best schools in America. ;D

Dont forget hurricane season. Yeah, I'm sure that's fun.

Texas doesn't "suck." At least its Universities don't. I can't make a claim for its public education system though...

Texas public education systems wanted to cut all this shit out from American history... Like what the heck?

hey now I gradeated from Arkansas and I can spel real gud

wow...there's a lot of people from texas here. woot woot! go texas :D i'm from there too ^-^


AWH HELLLLL NO! u didn't just go there

yes.. they don't have to pay you as much that way.

Yup yup. Or, if you are working someplace that wants to prevent you from unionizing, they will choose uneducated over educated applicants. Damn you, economy.

how does having good football teams make the schools good?

If your college degree is irrelevant to the job you applied for, then you should remove it. Only include information relevant to the job the resume is for.

That can be especially true if you hand your resume to an assistant or floor manager, because they might look at it and think that you're going to just go after their job and get them laid-off.

probably majored in woodcuttig

YDI for going to art school and thinking something would come of it

lol go fuck ur self 3 u wish u could graduate from Texas. and better luck next time op

Agreed. I don't see how that what help OP out at all. I'm curious to see what kind of jobs they're aiming for...