Sinking feeling

By Anonymous - 06/02/2023 22:00

Today, my boss replaced me, with my 25 years experience, as head chef with her son, who has a GCSE in food studies from 15 years ago and hasn’t even worked a restaurant before. I’m sitting here, watching our customers send food back untouched because it’s so bad. This has ruined us. FML
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Find a different job, and let the ship sink.


Find a different job, and let the ship sink.

sounds like the perfect audition tape for hells kitchen!

If she isn't the owner contact them and let them know what she's doing.

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Some people are idiots, and darn nepotism. I’m sorry for your situation though, but look on the bright side, you have a lot of great experience and come from having a great title. If she realizes the horrible mistake she made and wants you back, you have insane bargaining room and negotiating power. If not, you go make another restaurant experience fantastic as head chef there. Either way it’s a win win for you. Good luck!

Has ruined *them*. You? You've officially been shown that your contributions weren't valued there, so go find somewhere they are and let the nepotistic fools crash and burn.