Respect Independence Day!

By unpatriotic - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United States - Eugene

Today, my manager made me remove an Eiffel Tower ornament from one of my displays. Not because it didn't look good or match the theme, but because it was "disrespectful" to have it out on the 4th of July. FML
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funnily enough, our most famous landmark - statue of liberty - is actually French...

Oh, how quickly they forget. ;-)


I think your manager is a bit confused... Lol

about what? its MURICA's birthday after all.

Confused about the true meaning of the holiday.. That we accept all walks of life in America and its a holiday for everyone even if you weren't born here. If your French you can still celebrate the fact you love freely in America... Duh

France helped us in the American revolution so we can celebrate this day. Maybe he needs a history lesson? You should ask him if the statue of liberty would be disrespectful just because France gave it to us to commemorate our independence.

Nope, I'd say he's actually a tea bagger who still orders freedom fries. OP, FYL.

86 - Not without the Freedom burger!

you guys are really bad at getting sarcasm. i agree, sillies.

*merica You're making some of us look stupid...

Haha they helped us have a birthday you tars

134- Your really good at getting buried

Oh, how quickly they forget. ;-)

Especially forgetting that the French were *MAJOR* allies in the war for independence o.0

he's an idiot. but hey at least you're getting paid.

See! There's a positive side to everything!

People these days

I know! Shoulda put up an ol' Big Ben ornament up. RULE BRITANNIA

There has always been stupid people, 4. It's not a modern phenomenon.

The holiday is to represent our independence and prosperity, not to say "America and only America Rocks!". The ornament wouldn't really be that disrespectful...

Plus, it isn't like the French did't help win that independence or anything >_>

To me, 4th of July is celebrated not only for the anniversary of our indepence but also for our troop's and veteran's who have helped us keep it.

Yeah didn't you see the patriot? They were late, but still got some as well.

Nice double negative #67

Gah! Go back to Canada, #5!

126 that was the point!

#128 we celebrate our day on the 1st of July! And quite frankly I'd prefer polar bears and penguins over taxis and "MURICANS" :)

funnily enough, our most famous landmark - statue of liberty - is actually French...

Which also has nothing to do with the Eiffel Tower and this post

The fact that France helped win our freedom, yes. But just the simple fact the statue came from the French, no

The Statue of Liberty is a great symbol of liberty and independence from Great Britain, with inscribed, the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. And given by the French. So yea, it is pertinent. From Laboulaye: "If a monument should rise in the United States, as a memorial to their independence, I should think it only natural if it were built by united effort—a common work of both our nations."

why merci, Monsieur Pleo. Yes, famously a gift from France. As for relevance, I guess we can let the thumbs decide......

My thoughts exactly! Our Statue Of Liberty, a representation of America, was given to us by the French.

12 - I now have a headache trying to understand your comment. It's just too dumb for my brain to compute, even with your elaboration.

haaaaaha does anyone else think #12 was just jealous that our old man's got more votes than her #1? Hilarious.

Actually the Statue of Liberty was not only a gift from France, it was also designed by Gustav Eiffel. As in the same Gustav Eiffel who designed the Eiffel Tower.

If I only cared.. *sigh*

#73 you've now posted TWELVE comments on this thread. Two questions. First - how is the FML flood control not blocking this? Second - your profile describes you as "chill" perhaps try that.

it's thirteen now! this is so funny. I can't be bothered to count up the down votes.

That was beautiful :')

In regards to this post, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower have nothing in common.

93-Except, y'know, both were made by the French.

#93, the same person who designed the Eiffel Tower designed the Statue of Liberty.

and have the same designer. so no, absolutely nothing at all in common.

plus it was France who helped us during the revolution.

And made by Gustaf Eiffel no less. Edit: Dang it, #99 beat me to it.

I like how the Statue of Liberty is one of the US's most notable symbols and it was originally intended for Egypt.

@69 It's Gustave Eiffel not Gustav or Gustaf.. anyway he is French as well.

eh as a non american I wouldn't say it's your most famous, that seems to be taken by Mt Rushmore

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You are aware of the fact that the French have a long history of kicking ALL the ass right? For example they won the USA their freedom.

Lolordeath, the bbc actually stated that France, out of all the European nations, has the highest winning percentage in war.

17, lets not get carried away here. Yes, the French certainly helped the colonists win, but the French are NOT the reason the USA is free today. They came to our aid, but it was our forefathers inherent and passionate need for freedom that gave us the freedoms that all Americans enjoy today.

maybe because they join in most the wars after most the hard work is done?

If it weren't for the French and Spanish aid in the American Revolution, we most likely would not have won.

Whatever happened to a country built on freedom?

I agree. We accept all walks of life in America so why would we hide what were proud of. Just reiterating my comment about how the manager seems a bit confused as to what the holiday really means

18 - we get that you love your opening comment hun, but come on it wasn't exactly gold dust, please stop taking over the thread.....

Are you expecting rude and condescending from yours truly or what here? Really, it's people like you on FML that are predictable and just say what people want to hear. And it does to show that dumb people just make other dumb people sound smart in this case because that comment was actually up-voted plenty of times before your claim of worthiness.

and the rest of your comments got down voted because we want them to go away. Now be a good girl and sit in the corner, and wait to be spoken to.

It turned into America...

Don't you know that it's bad luck to have an eiffel tower out on the fourth of July? Thank your boss later.

And just WHERE did you read that? o.o

France gave up the Statue of Liberty which our freedom and Independence, so...

I know this comment had good intentions, but it's kinda like connect the dots. Try using ALL the words next time.

Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

I just filled in "symbolizes" between "which" and "our"