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Today, is my 21st birthday. My friends took me to a bar to celebrate, knowing I don't drink. I am now in charge of driving my friends home after they had an awesome night. FML
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I still say the term "Friends" needs to be re-defined.


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so then because you didn't drink you didn't have a good time ??? I thought people that don't drink usually go by the motto that they don't need to drink to have a good time ...

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u suck op. ur friends were considerate enuf remember it was ur birthday and took you out. maybe they thought since it was ur 21st birthday u would have a drink one ceremonious time.

taking pictures of your drunk friends and putting them on facebook... always fun :)

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don't be a kill joy op. your 21, why not drink? and btw, STFU anti flood

some people are commited to not drinking. others because of religious reasons and that should be respected. good work op

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who the **** WOULDNT drink on there 21st birthday

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exactly. Driving to different bars and hanging out can be as fun if you're old enough to get in you don't have to drink to have a good time. (though it does help, especially at weddings...especially when said wedding is placed in a winery and you're only 19 so you can't drink, and when you try everyone who works there stares at you as your cousin (the groom) and his friends try to sneak beer and wine to you, until you're just like "no, **** it, they're watching me" and you already have that pseudo-buzz that's like "if i don't drink more i'm gonna be mighty annoyed" in other words, I bet I had less fun at my cousin's wedding than you had at your fun times bar hopping so suck it up pussy.)

I didn't drink on my 21st, Mumbellosity711.

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tdawg. you were at ur own families wedding. what u worried about some wine workers for? they weren't gonna do shit if they saw u drink. sounds like u were the pussylip that day.

yeah how big was the wedding? ive also been to a wedding at a vineyard underaged and no one cared but it was also a pretty big wedding so maybe thats why

To add to 36, some people /can't/ drink for medical reasons. Lots of medications can't be mixed with alcohol, and some conditions like Type 1 diabetes make drinking dangerous. I used to be a beer and wine enthusiast, but I can't be anymore. :[ I agree that you can have fun at a bar without drinking; I do it often. However, it does suck to be the only sober one if everyone else is just out to get trashed and act like an idiot, rather than spend time together.

this is going to be me in May. All my friends can't wait since I don't drink and if I do I only have one since I don't really like the taste of alcohol. So far I can stand a cherry lifesaver but I like cherry.

religious reasons for anything shud not be respected. grow up

103 - the whole point of this fml was that OPs friends decided to organize something that involves drinking , yet OPs friends knew OP dosent drink. on OPs birthday too.. its not about drinking or not, OP cant drink for one rrason or another and yes 86 i forgot to mention that

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how would they know u don't drink if you've never been allowed until now

I don't think anyone follows the rules in terms of the drinking age. even in Saskatchewan it's 19 and ppl are drinking by the time they're 16

in Australia the legal drinking age is 18

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2- 5 and 16 are right, some people drink underage. personally, I don't, but I know people that do.

well op is obviously an American but still, he couldve drunk if he wanted to. but then there wouldn't be a designated driver and they will all die? think on the bright side op u saved ur friends~ holy crap that was a long comment

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no fml, I would have to say 90% of people get drunk befire they turn 21. I personally did when I was 16

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@25 Did Canada become the 51st state so they could get in on our healthcare?

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and i strted drinking at like 13 or 14!!

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Perhaps OP has a reason that they do not drink. I will not be drinking on my 21st birthday. My mother was an alcoholic, and when drunk was awful. I don't want to be like that, even for one night. I still can't even comfortably be around people who are drunk. I'm hoping some day I can get over that, but even then, I wont be drinking.

the drinking age in Alberta is 18 she's been legal for a while and FYI the US has the highest drinking age in the world


The legal drinking age is 21. Anyone who wants to drink finds a way around it (fake ID, illegal booze, friends over 21, etc.) And so honestly your 21st birthday anymore is meaningless. Anyone who's going to celebrate "being able to drink" has already been drunk before. Anyone who doesn't want to drink actually probably dreads their 21st birthday because of something happening like with OP. I am one of said people dreading my 21st lol

Legal drinking age in Alberta is 18! And I am quite certain OP has already had a license to drive long ago. It didn't come in the mail as a 21st birthday present! I call fake FML.

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Sorry to hear that #65. There has been alcoholism in my family too (it killed my uncle) which is why I don't drink very much, only occasionally. But just know that not all people are like your mom, a good many people can drink responsibly & act respectfully. I congratulate your decision to break the cycle & to live better than the example your mom set!

I still say the term "Friends" needs to be re-defined.

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lol you should have gotten them so drunk to black-out point then dropped them off some place to scare them then BAM more non drinking friends. I fix all problems <3

What if they call OP thanking him because they had sex with gorgeous women...

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Or you should have put them all in a bathtub filled with ice and removed a kidney from each of them for the black market. That would show them. Plus you could make a nice profit. Just sayin…

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agreed, we should party :P lol jk u look like jail bait

There's loads of reasons the OP wouldn't want to drink. It could be because his/her religion prohibits alcohol, they could have diabetes, the OP could be like me and be alcohol intolerant.

You can still have fun without drinking...

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some friends u got happy bday to u

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157- actually, not really... One of the choices makes you throw up all morning, the other you can actually remember what happened... Go figure...