By Anonymous - 18/04/2020 23:00

Today, I realised that unless I masturbate about an hour before sex, sex lasts less than 20 seconds, but even after masturbating I’m still lucky to last a single minute. I don’t know how to stop disappointing her, and she’s my first serious girlfriend. I’m pathetic. FML
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Go multiple rounds. Cum quickly the first time, and it should take longer the second, or third.

Try to calm down and relax when having sex , you might want to try not thinking as much when you are doing the deed!


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Try lidocaine spray or they have stuff called delay spray.

It will get better as you continue to have sex with her...

Masturbate a lot if you have the time

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These comments are so wholesome and I’m here for it. Don’t worry, OP, it’s a common problem! Try some of the tips in these comments and I’m sure you’ll find some more success. :)

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While I'm not a male and don't have experience in the matter... I did watch a series "Masters of Sex" and one thing that they worked on for premature ejaculation was actually slowing down when the male partner seemed like he was getting overly excited. She was on top and controlled the situation. It seemed to work for them, so maybe it'll work for you... but...it was a TV show, so it could totally be 100% inaccurate... but worth a try... If she's on top, she'll have to take control and be able to be in tune with you and pay attention to you and stuff to get it to work, so she'll have to put in some work. I'm not sure if it worked the other way around, like if the Male was on top and paid attention to himself and slowed down when he felt he was getting too excited, but I can't see why it wouldn't. Like maybe starting off with her in control so he doesn't forget maybe? idk. but I can't see why both of you can't work on it. It can't hurt to try it out though. And even if you do prematurely ejaculate, it's not the end of things. You still have other ways to pleasure her. Fingers, mouth (if you're willing) etc. It's not all about your penis. Try out a few different things (with her permission of course. Don't just do something without at least discussing what she's willing to try and what she isn't.)

Speak with your doctor. You're not alone. This is a very common problem and not one to feel ashamed getting help with. Go multiple rounds with her and don't be afraid to use your hands and mouth. Most women get off from oral easier than intercourse anyway.

do a line before you go in there, you could rail her out for an hour with a full sized throat buster

try bluchew it's amazing

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Tell her to catch up.

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Go to the doctor mate. This happens to a lot of dudes and you’re not pathetic. As a girl, I know that if you’re with someone who is worth a damn, they will work with you on it.