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Today, I received a "Get Well Soon" card in the mail, which I found just a little odd, since I was feeling completely fine. Not an hour later, I tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. FML
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Do you have any psychic friends?

Send them a thank you card and ask for tomorrows winning numbers.


Do you have any psychic friends?

Isn't this sequence of events usually the other way around?

11, yes, but since it was not the other way around, OP is confused, as you would be.

it's The Doctor...

37 - he would have heard the tardis.

Let's hope you don't get an "I'm sorry for your loss" card.

perdix 29

Nope. Psychic enemies.

Oh good, OP, you received my card.

Final Destination: The Greeting Card.

94: I thumbed you down because Final Destination is a shitty series.

I feel so bad for owning the FD movies now. Thanks, hook.

97: I'm sure they're better when you're a stoned chipmunk.

Anai08 17

Is it sad that when I read this FML I thought of the Pokemon move "Future Sight"?

Omg thats actually pretty creepy. Like all I'm thinking about right now is a little chuckle doll holding a greeting card and saying "get well soon". :S

coolbrony12 3

Your reply has 100+ likes but the same comment below has negative 50 or so.

Must of got there early

64 - OP wouldn't be the one since they would be the one receiving the card.

whatsup215 0

I thought of Final Destination ..

I think it can from patrick jane, the mentalisr

BEST COMMENT EVER (is a Whovian)

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You're all idiots. It's spelled "sykik".

*sidekick. Idiots.

Obviously you're all wrong. It's Psy kick. As in the invisible force that pushed OP down the stairs.

*sighkcicks duh idiots

PhishloverA 14

Psychic* don't try correcting someone's spelling when you can't even spell the word right. Fail

66- We were all being sarcastic...

dominic1221 6

I think he knew that but was just born with a shitty sense of humor. What an unlucky gun.

77: Unlucky gun indeed, he's not even sci-kek.

N3766 20

66- Your face is also an epic fail. no offence, just kidding, it is an offence.

Your misspelling of the word "offense" is an epic fail, 110.

110: Him Bob Marley, bredda. Badman be wishin I and I One Love from Zion, zeen?

16- I meant to thumbs you up but I was laughing too hard and accidentally hit the thumbs down.

118 - I was shaking my head in disappointment at you and accidentally hit thumbs up

66-i love how well your pic goes with your comment xD

115: The fail is your own, his use was correct. (Both are.)

Someone really likes you... They hurt you AND you get a "get well soon" card!

Am I the only one who finds this FML really creepy?

This fml makes me think of final destination

Ohhh the irony!

Inheritance 10

Coincidence? I think not! Someone's out to get you OP.

Send me $500 soon!

Why? If things are happening backwards then maybe you'll get the money, and immediately get a $500 ticket or something!

Calyx-- wow your profile pic is really creepy looking. Lol

The crazy thing is that's actually him.

Send them a thank you card and ask for tomorrows winning numbers.

Yours truly, Shawn Spencer

mojojojo91 6

Well said.

Was it from the friendly neighborhood physic?

Damn you auto correct! *shakes fist* Psychic.

afallingstar 22

It was from Shawn Spencer..."I'm getting something...OP is going to fall down the stairs...better send a get well card"

45, you're a little late on that. Somebody else already said that on this FML.

afallingstar 22

Yes thank you ever so much for pointing that out...

You know to much Op, next you're going to get a red rose. TUN TUN TUN TUM!!

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I fail to see how the reference goes with the FML.

He meant that she was gonna die, but wtv..

olpally 32

That's some voo-doo magic trick right there... Lol.

Straight from the mouth of someone who reminds me of whiteboy7thst

This is some Final Destination shit right here

How could they possibly deserve it? I don't understand why that side has a single vote.

Exactly what I was thinking!

PhishloverA 14

#10, every FML has some YDI votes, even the ones that the OP couldn't have deserved it in any way

#10, Wait, wait, it'll come to me ... Yes, it's now clear: "10% of raters are chronic assholes."

YeaSo3 14

People are stupid... They say someone deserves it no matter what the situation is... Its soooo Annoying!

Dalboz 26

sometimes I accidentally click the ydi button and you can't undo it but it's so easy for the finger to slip :(