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By unlucky - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was jogging around the neighborhood when I saw an old man on his porch. Being friendly, I waved at him as I ran by. Apparently, his idea of greeting someone is pelting them with stones. FML
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Some people like getting stoned in the morning. I guess you look like one of those people.

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AhhBrenid 8

And so is people with exposing profile pictures.

It seems the Get Off My Lawn movement is turning violent.

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Hey 20 some of us are pathetic and horny enough to enjoy the odd not-totally-raunchy possibly underage boob shoot ok. Now where was I? Fap fap fap

This just further proves that old people can get away with anything.

Some people like getting stoned in the morning. I guess you look like one of those people.

I do, but not like that, and I usually require a B.O.B. right after...

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So he had stones with him just in case someone waved at him? This guy is prepared

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That doesn't look like an attempt at humour to me. It looks more like a simple rhetorical question. Here's a non-rhetorical question for you - Do you have to try to be bitchy to people, or does it come naturally to you?

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Thumbing you down, how do you like me now?

KaySL you're a little bit bitchy yourself. Arguing with an idiot only makes you one.

No Sydie, KaySL is a lot bitchy, but that's why we all hate/love/admire/despise her/him/it. Clear?

What does thumbing down the person calling you out will do much to you? That's like saying you're going to flood the earth, with a gardening hose. Really stupid.

leadman1989 15

I'm here also. Contribute something? Do I ever? Hahahahaha :(

sydie, she wasn't arguing with an idiot. She was merely shaking her genitals and throwing her shit at it.

Come on, did you wave or give him the finger?

He might have had bad eyesight and thought thy you were flipping him off... Maybe

Well at least he didn't throw bricks. I would've thrown bricks. Hmmm, I'm gonna buy me some bricks. Mmmmmm Brickkszzzz *brick-gasm*

Your a ****** up 14 year old brat. Shouldn't 14 year olds be happy and cherry about stuff?

*You're *cheery. And, obviously my comment was sarcastic, you on the other hand are a complete ignorant dick. My comedy is different, get over it and learn to be mature.

Why not be cherry? Some people enjoy being sweet and fruity. And sometimes wild.

Really pelting bricks is fun? What the **** is wrong with u. I'll remember that when I'm pelting bricks at u dumbass

Once again, obviously I was being sarcastic (hence the "brick-gasm"). Seriously dude, take a darn joke.

Knowing people like you it is probely not a joke and you are serisouly going to do it

Knowing people like me? You have no idea who I am. So back the **** off and shut the **** up.