Musical interlude

By Charlie529 - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - South Africa - New Germany

Today, I had satanic gastric distress. Attempting to make light of this fact, and, being incredibly bored and seemingly alone at work, I managed to fart the intro to "Smoke on the Water" perfectly. Somebody clapped. FML
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Charlie529 tells us more.

My nick's misleading, but that is my name and I am a girl! Anyways. Thought I'd tell you all that I didn't get fired (O.o)/ However, I did have to give him (boss) an (exceptionally awkward) explanation because he thought I was watching funny youtube videos. He just keeps giving me the weirdest/funniest friggin' looks, and now uses the the keyword "Deep Purple" to get me to make him coffee. This acrid event seems to have made us friends. Thankfully my bowels have re-aligned to perfectly silent working condition. God, I hope he doesn't bring this up at the next work party. /dies

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shivamtrivedi 24

Wow. That must have been a hell of a performance.

olpally 32

That's freaking hilarious and awesome! Lol. Hope you get promoted!


shivamtrivedi 24

Wow. That must have been a hell of a performance.

It was his boss that clapped too. That makes it even more impressive.

shivamtrivedi 24

I don't care who you are or where you're from. All I know is that I'm stealing your profile pic. And we don't know it was his boss for sure...

16, read OPs username. Also, OP is a she.

shivamtrivedi 24

I'm sorry. I didn't see the username. It hilarious how the OP informs that it was his boss via the title.

jairienfaite 20

OP's boss must be fun to be around if he/she simply claped about it.

Be proud op. That's talent.

incoherentrmblr 21

Can you do The Final Countdown?!...

olpally 32

That's freaking hilarious and awesome! Lol. Hope you get promoted!

I'm pretty sure the reason this is an FML is that OP is worried that her clear superiority over her boss will scare him into firing her, for fear of her taking his job.

72: What?!? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

95, I think I stand for most people here when I say, Don't EVER do that again...

What I'm saying is that this was an impressive display on OP's part.

At least it didn't turn into a shitty situation. I know, this pun is bad, and I do feel bad.

Then why did you write it?

Didn't your mom tell you if you don't have anything witty, humorous, or passionate to say then shut your damn mouth.

3- Don't quit your day job...

No 61 it's if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

93: I'm sure that 61 knows the correct phrase. Can't you tell they were making a joke?

@96, can't you tell 93 was making a joke?

J_Kertz 14

I think #3 just realized that they were going to get one of the top three comments and got stage fright.

Ihavegas 22

just awesome

So jealous of the skill involved in this right now...

Ihavegas 22

it takes ass control or buns of steel I don't know I never hold it in.

You should be proud, that's really impressive.

TheDrifter 23

Yeah, the long note at the end can get messy.

Redoxx_fml 22

Impressive and fitting since by the end of that there probably was smoke on the toilet water

When are you coming to Vegas?

shivamtrivedi 24

You should try and come up with new tunes and give more performances. Go on a talent show, get famous, get rich and sell fart noises on iTunes.... I think my comment was too extreme. Sorry guys, my final examinations are messing up my mind.

tastychickens 13

I agree with you, shivamtrivedi. That is the kind of talent show I would totally watch! I watched American Idol once and was just bored with it.

shivamtrivedi 24

At least the performance didn't STINK!

It did though

So… what's the problem, here?

I love how Op's name answers who was it that clapped.

I love OP's wording for a horrible tummy ache: satanic gastric distress.