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  DjeePee  |  24

Tututut, 25, the gender of OP is nowhere mentionned, so she could be a girl (would also explain the thirty minutes) and I don't know how other girls feel after they'd orgasmed, but it gives me a lot of energy.

  jedielf  |  23

Here I am, another girl going against the apparent norm (according to certain dating blogs) that only the men get sleepy after coming and women want to lie awake and talk. We are such rebels. Also, it's rather unsettling (but VERY Internet) that some of us are completely comfortable with talking about our orgasms with people we'll never meet in real life.

  mynewaccount  |  8

Haha believe me I know that, 23. ;) I was just attempting to explaining why I thought that he was experienced in the matter, not because he thinks he's nerd but because he is a guy. Didn't mean it in a offensive way or anything like that.

  MetalxSoldier  |  26

I guess it's good for him. (: Get all the practice you need buddy before you make it to the big leagues! Show Palmala Handerson a good time and I'm sure you'll get the confidence you need to ask out a real girl. (;

  Xianthos  |  2

Getting confidence by wanking? Oh really?
I bet if he would do something else with the time he spent wanking, like actually trying to get a girl, he would have one. Just my 50 cents.

By  DjeePee  |  24

At least you're prepared. It would be worse to get late to school/work because of that. Nevertheless, isn't it a little awkward to schedule your masturbation?

  yummy_richkid  |  3

I have to schedule mine. I leave for school by 6-6:30 and am there by 7. I stay for 10-12 hours. And usually don't get home until around 10-11. Then homework. I also have Saturday classes and other weekend activities for school. So. I mean. It may seem weird, but some people just lead really busy lives.

  PrincessPesa  |  20

Oh and 156? Perhaps you'd have more 'alone time' if you left out all the unnecessary punctuation. It's basically a telegraph at this point. Stay in school. Jack off in the bathroom when you get bored in class ;)

  yummy_richkid  |  3

Didn't mean to add in the extra punctuation, ha. I absentmindedly half the time while type on my iPhone.

Anyway I usually pass out after homework. Too tired to masturbate.

By  PYLrulz  |  17

Before I sleep, I prefer to do this. Like someone said, helps ya sleep. If that's your thing tough to get you up, hey, whatever floats your boat.