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Today, I found a video of a school play I starred in years ago. I was ecstatic, because it's really the only memento of my childhood I have left. Unfortunately, it started with my grandpa groaning, "Ahh shit," and degenerated into him muttering over the audio about "those fucking commies." FML
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  NothingsEasy  |  4

I have a friend who's grandpa is very racist, it ends so bad at family parties because the dads family has some Latino roots so when they come over the moms dad....let's just say it doesn't go well

  MrsDruidess  |  23

at least that's all it was, my highschool graduation was recorded by my mother over a porno, every time they paused the camera, you get 3-4 seconds of a girl (who looks a lot like me from afar) moaning and grinding. . . I discovered this while watching it with my father . .
yeah childhood ruined

  ebonyirony  |  29

He probably didn't know it could hear him, if hes from that time.
Show some respect. My grandmother loves her Gameboy. I don't question it. We link cable and trade.


The American don't even understand the word communist. They use it to pretend to be smart. In older days they would be the same going at black people. But since being racist is forbidden now...

  Linkerdoodles  |  15

What are you saying..? I'm kinda wondering if this is a Hetalia reference... or if I'm just too stupid to understand what you're saying... :O

It's probably the latter.