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Today, I finally confessed my feelings to my long time crush. He was the only one I've been able to muster up the courage to open up to. He replied, "lmao" and hasn't texted back since. FML
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don't ever confess your love over texting!!! that's like breaking up over texting. what next, a note? "do you like me? check yes or no"

peff_fml 6

sounds like what would happen to me


peff_fml 6

sounds like what would happen to me

you need to be interested in a different style of man, or should I say boy because men don't act like that.

Yeah peff, you DO need to be interested in a different style of man. Right kyarush??

sometimes when I'm scratching my sweaty ballsack I think of the abbreviation lmao

peff_fml 6


haha 13. do "men" take pictures of their "muscles" while what appears to be taking a crap in their floor?

gutzz 0

he was probably laughing cuz you did it over text... when did things get so impersonal? it means more when ur actually with them or at least actually saying it. I'd laugh too :)

why wouldnt you just talk to him in person...

SuckerPunchurMom 0

Maybe be sent lmao to the wrong person and accidentally confessed his love to his guy friend. In rerun his friend confessed his love back and started a homosexual relationship right then and there. Shit happens. You never know.

So that message wasn't originaly meant for me? Oh well, me and Jeff are happy together... Nohomo though. It's bromance.

SuckerPunchurMom 0

Bromantically in love. Ohhh yeahhh

gutzz 0

damn.... turning men gay before she even sees them in person.... sorry op fyl

YDI for confessing your love over text.

yeah like 116 said, it can happen

that's what u get for doin it in a txt

hey idiot don't do that through a text. at least call him. I would date u if I loved u if u did that through a text. u know why? cause millions of girls do that to make fun of guys. u say u dint but u do.

edit* my phone glitches and didn't put wouldn't

hahaha! oh my god dude. thanks

sarabraun8 7


omg your gorgeous!!!

and she's fifteen! cool it bro.

hahaha. I just turned 16. I don't think that's to bad of a difference.

C6Racer 0

Oh so close.

u txted him? that's the problem. I'd u really had mustered the courage u woulda told it to him face to face.

IBeDantastic 0

Orrr you could just kill yourself ^.^

maz255 10

86 ahhhhhh i get it

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Aww maybe your ugly haha

peff_fml 6




persianjr1 7

says the person without a pic

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Sha41491 0

what a shitdick

gutzz 0

I don't think that's it... since she uses fml, she probably used the worst grammar known to man, and she didn't realize that her crush was a grammar nazi.

Maybe her ugly ... what? Please finish your sentence, I'm on the edge of my seat!

So what if she is? It's personality that counts

DeadOnArrivall 0

what you expected him to take you seriously?

raeraymusic1 0


wait. whoa. Kay you confessed it via text?!?!!!?! in that case YDI.

really u confessed ur love to him. so u asked him to marry u hello 13 year old girl. u dont know him let alone love him. god the kids my age are stupider than my dog that cant rum straight l.

Poor 210, her dog cant rum straight... seriously though that blows. you probably shouldnt have texted that to him.

Exactly: confessing feelings over a text message somehow looses all the emotion. All he sees is needy.

210, you spelled 'run' wrong

Yes that's what people think but that's mainly how it turns out

bgawne 0

I agree with you

Ckkc1 0

wow machiko congratulations you won the biggest bitch award.

Wow congrats Ckkc1 you have no sense of humor. Or maybe I should give you the oversensitive cunt award. Do I get an award guys?

169 hahaha u show him!!

yeah you get an award for being pretty

169 you're no better. What 146 said could also apply to you.

oooo i love awards. i would get largeat kidney stone! i call it!

alexm501 0

You look like a drunk paula Abdul

let me not even say anything to these dumb asses after reading these comments "lmao" omg "sense of humor " , " do I get a trophie "haha ha no !!! get over selfs and btw yeah wrong for doing it on text but most people don't care if you do it over text how were you supposed to know just explain in person that you really meant it and see what he says its no biggie and good luck

don't ever confess your love over texting!!! that's like breaking up over texting. what next, a note? "do you like me? check yes or no"

kingtz 6

I was just thinking that. If you got something important to say, do it face to face.

always. circle. 'or' (y)

Poffdaddy29 0

what about maybe?


everyone knows maybe means yes geez didn't u go too elementary school?

dillpill01 0

furreal I agree 100% lmao!

rosha267 21

Well at least now you know what kind of guy he is and you won't waste any more time crushing on him, but yeah FYL

i dare u to have sex with me


You're such a worm troll. Is all you think about sex with you and your mom?

no i think bout ur mom ;)

fw1774 0

lol wyf^ quit trollin' dude

Your boobs are showing in your profile picture :p

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he's just not that into you:/ sorry op you'll find the right one one day don't give up.

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I really know how you feel... Sorry that happened. it's not easy to open up..

I agree with you Boners. Everyone now-a-days is afraid to confront and talk to people face to face since we have phones and computers to hide behind. People need to grow some balls and tell their crushes they like them in person. If you can't, you obviously aren't mature enough to even hold a relationship.

SirEBC 7

Listen to the 5 year old. ^ She knows what's up.

You can't plug yourself, EBC, unless we're talking butt-plugs here, in which case may I just say the sex tape you and Boners made was novel and yet chilling to the bone.

What happens if you're a shy loser like me? I don't even have friends in real life, and if I couldnt text important shit, I'd be completely alone. Yeah I know I need to "grow a pair" and change or whatever but that ain't goan happen. D:

Sounds like a plan, provided you're not the one supplying the cage...

#46 too bad OP is a girl

What's your obsession with me being 5?

the fact 5 year olds rock duh

you can go most places free! you won't be able to do that when you're my age :(

Haha, that's true. I miss getting into all those places for free. Those were the days.

wow you're so young you remember haha loser

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sounds like your dream man

what's with the hair

forgettingsunday 0

yeah, what's that guys number? I wanna ask him out. maybe I'll get an "lol", or maybe-if I'm lucky-"rofl".