Little Red Corvette

By ferrin10 - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was mowing lawns for my summer job. I noticed next to me a shiny new Corvette being washed by the owner. I gave a friendly wave, just as I heard a big clank as the mower blade shot a rock into the side of the car. FML
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DUDE A CORVETTE!!!!!??? come on!!!

It wasn't your fault, your lawnmower did it.


DUDE A CORVETTE!!!!!??? come on!!!

I know I would have been mad if that was my conertable even though mine isn't new OP: I bet you only waved because you wanted a ride in the car! But it wasn't your fault

YDI. Always check for rocks before mowing.

A) What does that mean? B) As a Corvette owner, this does suck, but it should be covered by insurance. Though I love the car, it's only that, a car.

Well, you're supposed to check for objects on the lawn before mowing, as to not run them over. But rocks do tend to sink in the ground and get covered by grass. Regardless, it's not his fault.

the new Vette is trash, you can only go classic

and by classic, i mean stingray

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Sure hitting the Corvette was bad, but at least it didn't hit the owner in the face or something?

True it was the evil lawnmower's fault. It knew that there was a corvette there and shot a rock off at it.

The moron saying "ur dumb" is calling someone dumb?

#45 is right...if that is a new vette..than it IS covered by insurance..they could say it was you or they didn't know who..either way...NOT A BIG PROBLEM.. at least you know what your summer job will be paying for :P

all american cars are pieces of shit!

#74, you're a fucking idiot. Go ride in your little shitty plastic Honda. I hope your ass hurts from the lack of cushioning.

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depends on what we are talking about here...balls, power, torque, v8...then american all the way...but on the other hand, lambos and stuff dnt look bad....but think, in 1967 a shelby cobra 427 could do 0-100 then back to 0, in 10 seconds...and to father has one sitting in he garage... (= lucky me.

u probably don't have a corvette so shut up! jokes jokes

I wouldve shot ur ass down

tiptoppc 6

I got a 75 beetle with fuel injection! (Not super either) I can go 0 to 60 downhill, with the wind at my back, and being towed by a rocket car. Now going uphill, that’s tricky! Snails pass me on that (and I’m not kidding, i own a red 75 vw bug with fuel injection and a sun roof (not convertable). It’s pretty rare but due to that, i’m keeping it stock!

shit you messed up BAD

Yeah, but why were there rocks on the lawn?! Come on, that's just stupid. The owner was basically begging for a rock to hit his car or something eventually!

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wowww that sucks :[

It wasn't your fault, your lawnmower did it.

Oh man, more like fuck the owners life.

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for you, no big deal really. the owner deserved it. mowers are always flinging stuff. a smart person would have moved the car for 30 minutes.

that sucks for the owner. hope his Corvette is okay though

You deserved it for not paying attention to where you're mowing.

yes he deserved it because he didn't jump I'n the way of the rock that got shot out. you can't control it idiot

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haha. U messed it up. Stoopid!!


Look who's talking.

Your description says you hate yourself, kaykay10xo.