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Today, at my job in a nursing home, the State Department of Health inspected us, during which a dementia patient repeatedly screamed that I always hurt her. This was the first time that I'd ever seen her. FML
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Are you sure you're not the one with dementia? I saw you kick her just yesterday.

They always have to take it seriously. And it's a full on investigation - with witness statements, skin checks, and maybe being sent home while the investigation takes place. Last time they visited us they investigated a dementia patient that had her 'purse' stolen. A purse she hadn't had in some 7 years... And then there is the impatient lady who insists on getting her blood sugar checked at the desk daily - because she has to get to breakfast on time (and the doors aren't even open yet - but don't dare argue!) (You are supposed to do it in private.) She told the investigators "I don't know why they 'make' me do it here." I could go on and on... They don't live in the real world and are often not very nice. I sympathize!


Tsk Tsk, bullying the vulnerable makes baby Jesus cry...

I don't think a baby would be able to recognize when someone was being bullied.

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Hey, shut the **** up ************.

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The police isn't going to believe a patient with psychological problems.. Don't worry you're fine..

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no worries, OP. the next time she accuses a worker of hurting her (even if she is telling the truth!) they'll think twice about believing her.

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26, uhm.. What did you prove by saying that? That you're and extreme douche bag?

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#29 your comment reminds me of the movie "Gothika." if the police investigated this incident any further i would understand, because someone can easily take advantage of an older woman who suffers from dementia.

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Damn... My comment makes no sense now that he got moderated. Uhhhhh, gotta think.. BANANAS.

Sure the police will look for any signs of abuse and maybe correlate that to OP's work hours. But they wont base any charges on the testimony of a dementia patient.

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Jesus isn't a baby any more btw.

65— Jesus is God. God is everything. Babies are something. Something is part of everything. Therefore, Jesus is a baby.

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Just seeing your picture makes me want to punch you in the face.

Not remembering that you beat up this patient in the past (i.e. thinking this is the first time you've seen her) is a sign that you're suffering from dementia.

Could be worse, seeing your picture makes me want to blow chunks ;)

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Well I'm sure they will understand. lol

Actually they probably won't. That's how people are

Pretend you're a demented person and follow them around making creepy noises... They'll have nightmares about you :D..

#32 don't you think that a little stereotypical.

Are you sure you're not the one with dementia? I saw you kick her just yesterday.

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Lol exactly what I was thinking. how long has OP worked there and how could she never have seen that patient before?

Could be a new patient. Especially considering that kind of outburst, probably hadn't taken very many pills yet.

Now all of your co-workers are going to give you evil glares when ever you interact with that patient.

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Co workers usually know what certain residents are like. It's just management and inspection people that no grasp of the real situation on the floor.

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True story I once walked through a nursing home, and there was this lady with no arms and no legs SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. I was like WTF??? That was a cool story right? You want I should say again?

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No that was not a cool story, no I don't want you to "should say again, and no, just no. All your comments I saw so far are annoying and stupid.

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More dragons and fire next time you tell it doe.

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Dude I was really young that traumatized me for quite a while. :(3

We can tell from the comments you make :)

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:)3 Lol... but I'm glad because that's also where my art comes from it's a gift and a cures.

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It's 5:39 am ok? Give me a break. Besides not everyone has the same taste, what you find annoying (because you don't get perhaps) someone else will find entertaining. Peace and love.

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Cool story bro .. Wanna hear mine once upon a time no one gives a ****!

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Lame comeback bro, how did you and the other geniuses miss the SARCASM?

19, the only thing you could think to do at 5 in the morning was go on fml?

And yet she still had more balls then you

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You're fine, they won't believe a person who's more looney than Looney Toons.

I believed Looney Toons D: Well that was when I was 4. Miss those Acne gadgets...

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Thank you for clearing up the acne problem! :-P I was just about to do the same thing! It's good to see I'm not the only one who's on the ball today!

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If the inspector believes her, make him/her check the patient for bruises...

Awkward.... But seriously I think they'll probably believe your story over that of a dementia patient's.