Is this seat taken?

By sochunky - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Bromham

Today, someone had thrown up onto the last remaining seat on the train. Guess who accidentally sat in it. FML
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I suggest looking at the seat first OP

Your FML made me uneasy, but your username made me cringe.


ColonelCusswords 24

I'm guessing you, chunky buns

PePziNL 20

Chuncky buns :'D I'm stealing that one

I'm going to guess the person who got on right after OP. Because I'm a rebel.

That just made me gag a little

I mean, you should look before you sit but as if no one tried to stop you!

do you not look before you sit? hopefully you do from now on. Yuck.

your username makes me cringe

Just like you look both ways before crossing a street, always look at the seat before you sit in it. The same obviously applies to toilets as well.

Could you really not smell it? Usually the scent of vomit is... ehm... "potent".

missyfiona89 28

A mother of a screaming child? Your boss? Your gf who then got mad at you? Who?!!

Next time u should LOOK AT THE FUCKING SEAT