Is this seat taken?

By sochunky - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Bromham

Today, someone had thrown up onto the last remaining seat on the train. Guess who accidentally sat in it. FML
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I suggest looking at the seat first OP

Your FML made me uneasy, but your username made me cringe.


I suggest looking at the seat first OP

amileah13 26

You didn't look first?

I know that's crazy. I always look at a seat before I sit on it when it comes to being in public. Hell I even watch where I walk most of the time for gum/dog crap/etc. sadly that's a big problem here. Dogs in small condos and owners who leave it in the middle of the sidewalk downtown. Damn them all to hell!

amileah13 26

Right! I always look down when I walk anywhere or go to sit on something. That's like not looking at the toilet seat when you go to sit down, you never know what could be on there *cringes*

koganti 18

might be op was air headed at that time thinking about something else

NotGabe 28

Standing is always a viable option.

lolhailsatan 23

bit too late for that

Ok but do you have no sense of sight or smell? How does that happen haha?

crowded train + vomit pants = i feel sorry for you OP! unlucky

That's one way to ward off pickpockets

dancerkatie95_fml 20

Ugh makes me cringe just thinking about that..

haha there was a reason it was the only available seat

Next stop, getting new pants..

momac86 17

This story made me gag seriously who doesn't look before they sit

Your FML made me uneasy, but your username made me cringe.