How appropriate

By ohgod - 14/08/2009 16:57 - United States

Today, I found out my husband had bought my one year-old daughter a shirt that says "Birth Control Fail" in pink glittery letters. He even took her out in it while I was at work. FML
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dramakat11 0

Omg that is hilarious. Really insensitive though. I mean, that's true of a lot of children but that's not a nice thing to broadcast, you know? But maybe he's a great dad and just has an outrageous sense of humor.

He wins u married a funny guy LOL


I take it she was an accidentally-on-purpose "oops", was she?

ziqi92 0

hes got quite a sense of humor. i wonder if she'll end up as his favorite...?

lifeislife_fml 0

That's funny, I don't see how anyone can be offended by the shirt.

Ox_Baker 0

You'll find out when you grow up and have a wife with a menstrual cycle.

hahaha stupid bloody vaginal discharge.

You should wear one that says "I could've swallowed her when I had the chance" and have like, an arrow pointing...

WIN That made my night.

OMGoriginality 0

L!M!F!A!O! Epic roflkopter goes SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI.

x__lola 0

LMAOOOOO!!! my life is complete.


missmarley93 1

hahaha awww!

Heh, that's kinda funny, though it's something that should have been discussed first, so I say FYL.

enigma777 0

I believe it was meant as a joke, nothing personal

undercover_ninja 0

Oh my god, that's funny :D I wonder how many looks he got while he was out with her...

They have quite a lot of t-shirts with messages like this, and no one would've known she was yours, so not it's not too bad. Just make sure you destroy any photo's of her in it he may be keeping for future psychological damage. =)

That's cute, not an FYL.

But its really funny :D