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By Anonymous - 27/03/2018 01:30

Today, while on an airboat exploring the Everglades, my cousin decided it would be funny to push me off the boat. Into water full of alligators. FML
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Boyufd 24

Did he say: "see you later, alligator!" when he pushed you off?

Zekfen 17

They are more scared of you than you are of them! Or was that snakes?


The trip seems fun, so if that was the only part that was bad then you should scare your cousin as payback. Not giving any ideas or anything, but if you tie his legs up in his sleep, then tie him up to bed, he'll wake up in a wet bed with your recording of it on YouTube.

Strange that everybody seems to think this is funny. It would have not been so funny when if you were seriously injured or killed. I think this will count as attempted murder in a court of law.

IAmClay 24

Did you die?

If only they had *lasers* mounted on their heads.

This sounds like attempted murder, especially if your cousin knew the water was full of gators. What the hell is wrong with your cousin?

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