By thedri11 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Oxnard

Today, I was so broke I went to Costco, not to buy anything, but to eat their free food samples. FML
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Hit up a restaurant for some free bread baskets!

That isn't what Costco is for?! And I feel like pretty much any college student could write this FML


Hit up a restaurant for some free bread baskets!

You'd still have to dine and ditch at any restaurant. They're still expecting you to buy something.

35 - even poor people can act snobby. *British accent* "Ooh, this menu is FAR from my standards. Good day sir!" Eat bread, drink water, whinge, leave. An no, no "profit???". This is a non profitable organisation.

Why the British accent? People from any country can be snobby. But I see what you mean, it does sound better that way

unknown_user5566 26

1: Damnit, now I'm craving the Olive Garden.

Haiana04 3

Go to red lobster and grab those chedder biscuits, Mmmmmm, Chedder biscuits. ^_^

Go to a Korean BBQ and eat all their side dishes, don't forget the 3 free refills!!

Zano23 9

I always wanted to try their free food samples. But was always afraid of them thinking I was broke and only went to try their free food samples. Oh well.

mmorgan9218 5

it's a free lunch. I've done it before lol. and I've also gone to olive garden ordered a water and ate some breadsticks and left

Marcella1016 31

Maybe it's just me getting profiled or this part of the country or something, but here in the DC area they never give me any bread until after I order something. Ever.

Well once i really liked this one sample and I kept going round and round the aisle until the lady gave me weird looks an told me to buy the product. That's when I left for another sample booth :)

kryxen 14

Free costco samples = free lunch. Did this all the time . Weekly, at least but usually Saturday and Sunday.

I know man. Lame comment too, man.

LOL i LOVE going to costco when my family makes a grocery trip. I just go to the food stands and try all the food, and i go back to the ones i like the best and "grab some for my parents and my brother" heehee

2- There's a button for that.

If I was hanging out with someone I'd do the same.

IKR thats like the only reason I'll tag along for if someone's going to Costco those samples are amazing

Great place to take your date out to

RealReasons 0

I'd do even if I was alone, their free samples are good! I'm scheduling a reservation at aisle 10 now!

blondebrunette11 4

Why.? You can get a hot dog and drink for like a $1.50

Well, he's broke, and $4.50 per day (assuming he has 3 meals) might be too much for him to afford. Besides, wouldn't we all rather enjoy a miniature, delectable chicken wing from a sample tray?

That isn't what Costco is for?! And I feel like pretty much any college student could write this FML

Most of the samples aren't even filling...

That EXACTLY what Costco is for...just ask my grandma lol

47 - how can I get in touch with her?

That's pretty much the only reason I've been to Costco

47- telepathically

dammit, that was directed at 70

I'm my state all the old people go to sams and eat lunch (free food samples), they even go with there friends:|

FMMFL1992 3

You're not allowed to question an FML. Somebody get Alan.

FMMFL1992 3

You can question an FML. Somebody get Alan.

She says it is an FML for every broke college student - which is 100% accurate. BTW, I already tucked Alan into bed.

LaBooskie 1

Wow, thats pretty low. Sell some ass.

Well, my mom officially pissed me off for the night.

Labooskie is your mother? Wow that sucks.

5- Because selling ass is SO much more sophisticated than that.

Actually no, LaBooskie is not my mother. I don't have some cool excuse for how the hell that got posted because I don't know myself. Anyway #5, so selling "ass" is better than what OP did? Where did you get that logic...?

If I had a donkey and was that broke, I might sell it as well, I suppose.

30- How do you not know how that got posted? YOU posted it! Are you high?

I was gonna go to class, but then I got high I coulda cheated and I coulda passed, but I was high (My apologies if these aren't the correct lyrics)

#61 No I'm not high. It was a cut and paste issue that my phone messed up and before I proofread the comment I already hit the post button. Like I said, no cool excuse for it being posted. It was totally my fault for hitting the post button so quickly.

ImmaMonster - You are not allowed to take responsibility for a posting mistake like that here. It's against the site rules (don't bother looking...the mods just edited that part out to troll you). You need to come up with a very lame-sounding excuse right now. My suggestion would be "My sister stole my iPod!" Go write it now before the mods ban you, and don't ever let me catch you pulling a stunt like this again.

41 - You know, you could always trade the donkey in for some magic beans.

watsonpsykosis 10


I've actually heard about several people doing this. Nothing to be ashamed of OP.

I thought everyone goes there for the samples, or was that just me?

#65 I go there for samples too. If I like the samples enough I'll go buy the product.

When I went last time, the lady there sat with me while we ate through a whole box of sushi

119- hmm what is this strange box sushi you speak of?

Shows how bad it's getting in the USA

People short on cash only exist in the USA? Who knew?

You say that like food has gotten so scarce that people have started eating other peoples' faces.

Every country has people who suffer from poverty or struggle with hunger. Not just the US. Look at other countries whose poverty levels are far worse. Sad, but it's the truth.

Well there was a homeless man eating another mans face not to long ago... So yeah, people are eating other peoples faces.

46, that was the point of the comment... The face eating zombie dude is kinda national news...

Of course the zombie apocalypse starts near my home in Miami =/ Sorry guys; we killed you all.

Well we could put a Costco in Afghanistan but it would probably just get blown up! Or just start selling hijabs and dishdashas!

g02hell 2

Yeah but If you read that story it was because the guy was all hopped up on bath salts. The cop had to shoot him 6 times before he went down.

MoNnEy_MiiTE 3

You sir, are the stupidest person I know, U.S. is one of the most powerful and stringest country IN THE WORLD. God bless everyone and god bless america, "Land of the free, Home of the brave!"

and ur a lousey Douche.

If she is too poor to afford a good meal, then I highly doubt she's fat. Ur humor isn't funny.

Badgerbadger - You know what's funny? Making fun of fat people. Hahahaha right? Right? No, but seriously you're an asshole. What's ACTUALLY funny is verbally assaulting fucksticks like you.

unknown_user5566 26

Doc- fuckballs* :)

Yea...because Costco samples are so big they make everyone who eats fat...

jjames7543 13

...so you're not supposed to do that? *quickly scarfs down sample and runs away*

Hopefully they had food and not febreze samples or something.

... Have you ever been to Costco..? Like just wondering cuz well Costco ALWAYS has at least ONE food sample...

I don't think febreze is edible, and seeing as it says 'for the free food samples'

Are you people stupid, insane, or completely devoid of humour? That was clearly a joke, and a decent one at that. Please go look up "humour" (or "humor" if you're so inclined) in the dictionary. That's the big book with words and stuff in it. Alternately, you can be lazy and just fucking google it.