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Today, my dad told me that I can't wear leggings on Friday nights, because, "your butt is too distracting for my poker buddies." FML
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I'll prob just wear jeans from now on. Though it'd be funny to see them react to a mini skirt lol!

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flowerbug 4

Leggings are not pants anyways.

kakakarotcake 17

or maybe he keeps catching his friends peeping at his daughter


flowerbug 4

Leggings are not pants anyways.

It's for the best anyway. I'd rather not have men my dads age looking at me in that way.

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PresidentNorth 16

#14 When did you become the dictator of all fashion.? Lmao If someone wants to wear something let them. People have every right to wear whatever they feel gives them confidence. This one just happens to be leggings. Stay strong OP Friday nights just have to be sweats and a hoody.

ariiewilliams 17

I always feel like my ass is just hanging about and like i'm pretty much wearing undies when i wear leggings alone

#6, you are right that if you wear leggings men of all ages *will* be looking at you "in that way", and the only way to avoid it is not to wear them. That's not to say that men shouldn't *behave* appropriately, but looking at women in a sexual way is hard-coded into the human species, and it's unreasonable to expect otherwise.

That's what most girls look like wearing leggings only.

Leggings were never intended to be worn as pants. They're meant to be leggings that are worn under sweater dresses and things that cover your ass and crotch. Otherwise they'd be called pants.

buttcramp 21

I use leggings as pants if they're black, unable to be seen through, and my blouse is long enough to cover my ass.

Some leggings are thick enough to be worn as pants, others are only for wearing under things. A lot of clothing brands advertise their leggings as PANTS.

@163. They advertised them as pants? Well that settles it folks. Leggings are pants.

people were A Lot more respectable in the its all tramps and horny men lucky enough to run into one to care enough to be civilized and respective of one another.

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Not the kind she wants by the sounds of it. Or maybe she doesn't want any at all.

By her dad and his poker buddies, in her own house, where she should be able to wear comfortable clothes. Gross.

imagineapc 11

The house is probably her dad's? A young girl in leggings is attractive to most straight men aged about 10 and up. She can continue to wear the leggings and receive unwelcome stares from her dad's buddies, or she can wear something else to avoid the awkwardness.

Or the guys can realize they're being creepy perverts and **** off?

Or the dad could be a good father and tell his buddies to **** off and not stair at his little girl that way. And if they still do tell them to get out and don't have game night there.

"My mind is telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes!" :D

MrsPlague 11

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I don't think you understand how strong out hormones are #9.

78, she called them that because they are old enough to be OP's dad and looking at her in a sexual way.

What's your point about the age difference if it were a 45 year old woman ogling 18 yo guy you'd be like "go get em" just because your older doesn't make young less attractive

threer 30

Umm, no.. That's still creepy, #182..

Your dad needs to talk to his "friends" about staring at your butt....not really appropriate

Because our sexual drive is based on decency

BubbleGrunge 18

Seriously, why must a woman always watch what she wears? How about men, especially older men around a friends daughter, keep their libidos in check? Personally, I think the father needs to give his friends a piece of his mind.

kayteakay 26

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ariiewilliams 17

48, i'm sure it isn't okay for 40 year old men to stare at, what im assuming OP is, a minor. Would you feel comfortable knowing that people who could be your dad are just staring at your ass when you walk into the room?

#48 I agree with you but she's his daughter and his poker buddies should know their limits.!! it's so inappropriate..

YDIoveragain 4

bubblegrunge. Your eyes is there to look. You can't help but to look when someone walk pass you even if it just a glance. hate women that complain when guy look at them. If you don't want attention don't dress for attention.

A quick peek is one thing. After all, it's natural for men to be attracted to women and their bodies, but going creep mode and/or blatantly staring is inappropriate. The men should get it together. She should be able to wear comfortable clothing in her home, and they should be able to control themselves. Especially in front of her dad! (Not that they shouldn't be respectful outside of his presence.)

novapine 19

124, dressing how we like isn't dressing for attention. women shouldnt have to cover their bodies because a bunch of older men "can't help themselves". I've seen guys in their boxers and I never whistled or cat called or yelled inappropriate things although I wanted too. I think men can have the same restraint. or are all men rabid animals?

nannyRayRay 14

Personally I believe it's easier for women to change they way they dress then to expect guys to be decent minded Guys should still try but women can do their part too

137, these guys never did any of those things.

145 I agree it's like people who bait bears and then are shocked when they attack. I'm not saying all men are animals but some are so it only makes sence not to bait them.

137 do you not were your seatbelt because other drivers shouldn't cause you to crash? No you take precautions same reason you wear helmets in sports or protective clothing at work. Hope for the best plan for the worst

Agreed, the problem is not what she wears, home is supposed to be a place of comfort and privacy where you can wear whatever you want without being perved on or judged. It is more or less her parents responsibility to ensure that! He is taking it up with his daughter because that is easier for him than taking it up with his buddies, because he feels he can boss her around more.. even though its his buddies that are in the wrong. Knowing that its basically a fact of nature that men of all ages will perv on young good looking girls (doesn't make it OK), he is better off separating his buddies from his daughter if he wants to protect her from this.. i.e they should play poker in a separate private room of the house or at one of his friends houses instead. That way she can be comfortable in her home, they can play poker without distractions and no drama transpires between the friends.

I do agree that her dad's friends sound like pervs, however a lot of men out there are pervs, and her father has a right to impress upon her the need to dress conservatively around pervy men. It's not victim blaming to point out that some of the fashions popular on television and in stores for teenage girls, are very revealing. Very revealing clothing does act as a perv magnet. It's like that saying, to survive a bear attack, one doesn't need to run faster than the bear, but not be the slowest human running away.

If you are a big distraction during his poker games he should use it to his advantage. And give you a percentage of the winning, obviously.

Finally, the only intelligent comment on this entire thread.

Unless his anger at his friends for staring at his daughter is distracting him