Creativity stifled

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was at my psychologist's. We were talking about creative outlets and I told him that I wanted to start playing Dungeons and Dragons again. He starts chuckling, and then says, "Oh, you were serious." FML
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Dungeons and dragons is well good, ignore him and play :)

Why do I feel like smacking OP in the face with the Sceptre of Reality +4?


He's the expert, so listen to him. Dungeons and Dragons, tssk.

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The latest version of Dungeons and Dragons is from 2009.

It's pretty much the shit, basically.

This reminds me of the time I tried to make my life a tv show for a "creative outlet" it was entreating for me but noon else. Especially the lady that didn't appreciate me pleasuring myself to her showering.

*entertaining and no one lol

Haters gonna hate. D&D can be an immersive, creative experience. Play it with a good group, and you'll find plenty of ways to express yourself and do creative and imaginative things. Play with a poor DM, and things may not go so well. You'll need a DM that works with his players to build a world, not one who keeps the adventure on railroad tracks.

I play D&D at the D&D club at our character's name is Pedo Bear so you can tell I don't take it seriously though.

Well, #10, it's 2014 now and some of us are still playing.

Get up off you ass and do something productive. What's wrong with people these days?

Yeah, what's wrong with people these days? Well, I'm gonna go read some other posts while I eat jinkfood. Tsk, people...

is that suppose to b making fun of world of Warcraft? I take offense

world of Warcraft???

omg 48 is cute XD

Dungeons and dragons is well good, ignore him and play :)

Is it though?

Try the game someday. Assuming you have some people that actually know how to play, it's a great social activity.

It's actually pretty fun. But in my opinion it's only a creative outlet if you're the DM (Dungeon Master-person who writes and controls the story)

Maybe im a freak, but D&D has actually IMPROVED my sex life significantly... ;D

Last D&D game I was in, 3 of my party members ran off and became pirates. Completely NOT what the DM wanted, especially since he was then stuck with two groups doing VERY different things. You can't say that it's not creative for the players too, you've got to be creative enough to get around what the DM is trying to make you do after all. >.>

sounds like 1 mindfuck of a game xD

I think he was chuckling at the vast sums of money he's going to make from you. While you are deluding yourself about the benefits of D&D, you'll be going to him wondering why you have no sex life or meaningful relationships. It's like a license to print money.

There is nothing wrong with a man having a healthy dose of nerdom. I happen to find it attractive. :P

Oh, I'm all for nerdom (sp? shouldn't it be nerddom?), but the operative phrase is "healthy dose." D&D can lead to an indulgent overdose of geekitude. The shrink sees the potential for abuse and is amused by the ongoing dysfunction it will cause.

Nerddom in this context sounds disturbingly sexual, Perdix. Less D&D and more S&M.

i have a great sex life and play D&D. i have been with the same guy for 2 years and we play together with our friends. our friends as well have great sex lives as they are either married or in a committed relationship. i used to be a cheerleader and never thought I would play something like this, but it is actually a lot of fun!! and good friend time too!! as long as you have a good DM. :)

In other words, Kay, keep the Dungeon, lose the Dragon. ;)

I'm going to unleash my fire breathing dragon into your dungeon! Feel free to interpret this comment however you want.

Burning dungeons? There's a cream for that.

What? My boyfriend and I play Magic and Gamma World, and are starting D&D when we get enough people. I don't think we need psychiatrists.

Why do I feel like smacking OP in the face with the Sceptre of Reality +4?

Because his therapist has too high of fortitude.

^ you, my friend, have killed the joke.

Play evony it's a nerds paradise. It's real addicing though. Like a fukon mafia u get in it's hard to get out. Well, I did but it took weeks to try and not log on. But have fun playing it!

Sounds like you are too, Tri.

Apparently your pshychiatrist is poorly informed, you should get a different one ;) Play on.

I can see why he laughed.

Try fingerpainting. You may accidently create a few new Rorscharch test cards that you can project your fragile psyche and emotions onto.