By Passive ass aggressor - 8/4/2021 02:00


  Today, my boyfriend hasn’t asked for sex in a while, like months, and when I asked him about it he admitted that every day I shout at him, snap at him or act bitchy about anything not his fault, he has a wank and goes to sleep rather than bother asking me for sex. FML
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By  Ambrily  |  27

So, what you're basically saying is that you're a bitch to him at least once a day? At this point, I wonder why he keeps putting up with that. Still more of a F his L though.

  bleachedraven  |  12


By  bleachedraven  |  12

I'd have to agree with most of these comments...ask him, be nicer, communicate.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

You blame him for things that aren't his fault too? Are you his girlfriend, or his mom? It's justified for him to punish you for no reason when you're doing the same thing, so maybe vent your anger at the real person/s who are to blame.