By caseyl - this FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff


Today, I was talking to a friend about the US presidential election and mentioned the UK. She got really confused and told me she'd always thought they were the same country. FML
caseyl tells us more :
Finland. Can't blame the education, my friend is the kind that chooses to forget everything after passing the exams...
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  tj4234  |  35

It's actually England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Britain is the name of the largest island in the group (to be exact, Great Britain), not one of the countries.

The other islands/island groups are called Éire (Ireland), the Scilly Isles (off the coast of England), The Hebrides (west coast of Scotland) and the Northern Isles (north of Scotland). You then have the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man, which are both Crown Dependencies and are not technically part of the UK.

I may have missed some islands as we have over 200 of them. But those are the main groups anyway.

By  Arshoo14  |  2

In most countries people know UK as England or Britain and I can sense the confusion. But I can not understand how most people in US can not even name 50 country.

By  Bigdawg42  |  8

I used to think that, when I was a little kid...